8 Apr 2013

Adapt & Overcome

Adapt & Overcome

Wow guys, I have had such an amazing response to this blog.  This one goes out to all my homies…

Thank you so much for your support, thanks for reading and thanks so much for taking the time to email me your kind words, it really has given me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  It’s lovely to know so many people care.  I genuinely thought I’d have about 20 views on this blog but I’m in the thousands now and it’s just great to know I’m getting my message across.  One lady said she hadn’t smiled for weeks and my blog made her smile.  That makes me so happy! =0)

Some people have said it makes them sad to know I go through all this but I can honestly, hand on my heart say that I’m happy. Yes, I do go through a lot, yes I deal with a lot of pain but I’m honestly so happy right now.  I don’t even think I would change my life.  That might sound crazy to you but its true.  Of course when I was diagnosed (3yrs ago) it was devastating, my whole life changed and it felt like this was the worst thing EVER but once I accepted it, I embraced it.  I think it was Jack Osborne who said recently ‘adapt and overcome’ that is such a good saying and it really rings true for me.

Obviously I have my down days and I think that’s fine, it’s normal but I would say 90% of the time I’m happy.  This illness has given me a whole new perspective on life.  I’ve lost friends but I’ve gained friends, I know who is worth my time now.  I live for the moment, I appreciate life so much more than before and I will never take my health for granted again.

Life’s good.  Lupus – you have not won.  You are a LOSER! LOOOOOOSSSEER!


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