13 Sep 2013

Get Your Crunchie - It's Friday!!!!!!

I got that Friday Feeling....

As its a Friday I'm gonna keep it lighthearted and silly - no one wants to read about my pain and suffering on a Friday - we wanna have fun and get in that sexy Friday moooood. I'm gonna go and eat a crunchie, it's the law on a Friday.

I did my first ever online food shop yesterday and its being delivered today. I'm really excited for some reason! I can't believe I ever endured the supermarket when you can have it delivered to your door! Why on earth would you put up with the skanks (y'know the people who stand at the fruit shelves picking their nose and wiping it on a peach), the migraine inducing lights, the tedious 'beep, beep, beep' at the checkout, the 'Have you got I.D?' shame and the sheer effort of it all when you don't have to? Oh and if you're a short-ass like me you have to find someone taller to reach the milk for you and then deal with their 'Aww poor little you' look. Its a fucking nightmare, they should use food shopping as a form of torture. Wow. This has been a revelation. Hmmm I'm happy and excited now but if they bring me blackcurrant juice instead of red wine or an apple instead of a cauliflower I will not be amused. I will keep you informed. 

This weekend is mine and Sami's Anniversary - 6 years we've put up with each other for. Good golly Miss Molly time flies when you're having fun!

 We officially got together on 15th September but we are going out tonight as I'm wedding dress shopping with my best friend tomorrow (yey! So excited to see my bestie in a wedding dress) and Sami and I didn't wanna go out on Sunday so decided today instead.  I'm not sure where we are going yet but I'm sure it will be fab. I will update tomorrow in my usual way; with pictures of me and pictures of food and maybe one of Sami if he let's me - we're so opposite, he hates having his picture taken. I bloody love it! Although I do freak out sometimes because someone once said to me, every time you have a picture taken a piece of your soul is also taken. Oooh chilling.  Blimey, I most not have a soul left with the amount of selfies I take....

On Sunday it will be 2 weeks until we go on holiday and just under 4 weeks until my 28th birthday. Wahoooo! I love birthdays. Well, my birthday. Don't give a shit about no-one else's birthday. I'm joking. But not really.

I'll be on the beach on my birthday. I can't freaking wait. I'm gonna get so drunk on cocktails and I'm going to eat cake all day long. Wahooooo! Aww I'll miss not seeing my friends and family on the day but we'll be home 2 days after so its ok.

So yesterday I felt like shite and I thought what can I do to make the day feel better? So what I did was, I went and put on a pair of my most sparkliest shoes and a lovely pearly necklace Sami bought me, got some chocolate out of the fridge and I sat here watching repeats of Come Dine With Me with my pj's on, a gob full of chocolate (and popping candy) and my fabulous shoes. I must have looked like an absolute nutter. But I was happy. A happy nutter if you will.  I only wish someone was here to take a pic.
Just to let you all in on the true extent of my nutdom I also played 'X-Factor Auditions' by myself in my living room. Yep. I sang and pretended there were judges. I did silly singing and I attempted Adele like singing. For those that know me, you will know I cannot sing so I have no idea what I was playing at. No idea. I told Sami when he got home. I said, 'What would you have done if you walked in on me singing my heart out in my dressing gown complete with high heels and jewellery?' He replied 'Errm, well it sounds about right to me.' My antics cease to surprise him these days.  He doesn't even think I'm weird anymore. Yey! I've done well for a crazy bird. 

I should probably go and decide what to wear this evening....I'll need a nap afterwards. Deciding what to wear consists of me shouting at my wardrobe, then swearing that all my clothes have shrunk, having one shoe in my hand and not being able to find the other one and eventually throwing all of my shoes out until I've found it followed by me sitting in a huge pile of clothes and shoes claiming I have nothing to wear. It's fun. Then, yes then after all that, I try on some outfits and basically do a one woman fashion show until I find a dress that feels right. Sometimes I cry and wail and say 'I loooook disgusttiiiinngggg' but it probably sounds like this: 'I loooooooj dissskkAagustssskksinnnnnnggggg!' Eventually I find something and once I'm finally ready, I demand Sami take a picture of me looking fabulous. By this point he's had enough and would probably rather stay in playing Donkey Kong or whatever they play these days.

When Sami complains I always say 'well fine, I'll go out in my juicy tracksuit, trainers and no make-up, see how you like that.' He usually laughs and says 'OK I'd prefer you not to.' 


Or this:

You see, it might take a while and a few hissy fits but I make the effort and that's what's important. Well I think so. I never understand people who don't make the best of themselves. I would never go out without make-up or let my roots grow down to my ears. I mean what is up with people? Even when I'm poorly I manage to brush my hair, put a bit of lipgloss on and wear my sparkly shoes. Albeit with a dressing gown and my pj's but hey, I still tried. I enjoy making sure I look good for my man. Sami doesn't want no un-kept woman. Narmsayiiin?

Wow, that was another one of my tangents wasn't it?!

I hope you all have an exciting weekend coming up, let me know what you're doing. Let's share our excitement...

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited and I just can't hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know I want you, want you.....

Crunchie time baby....
Its friiiidayyyy!

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