17 Oct 2013

Our Trip to The Maldives

3rd October 2013

We're here!!! We arrived safe and sound on Monday (its Thursday today) after quite a long but pleasant journey. 

Upon arrival to the Maldivian capital, Male we were escorted to a pier where we were taken to our Island via a large and unsafe looking speedboat. It was a terrifying but fun 60 minute ride - almost like something you'd expect to go on at Disney World! The boat was bouncing all other the shop - I'm sure my arse even left the seat a few times. 

Me on the speedboat at Male Airport - before I knew what the ride was going to be like:

The whole journey was so exciting - when the plane started its descent into Male you could see all the Atolls with their white sands and Azure blue sea around them.  The view is spectacular and breath-taking. I was shouting at Sami saying 'ohmygod! Look at that one! O.M.G! Look at those two down there!' He was sitting next to me half asleep 'yes dear. Oooh. Aaahhh.'

This isn't a pic I took but this was what the view was like:

We got to our small island and I just thought 'wow, I can't believe we are actually here.' We were greeted at the jetty by the staff with a nice cold towel and  given a welcome drink in the form of  a coconut with a straw in it and shown to our room which is a little bungalow with a thatched pointy roof. 


We unpacked and hung everything up before we put our swimming gear on and walked the terribly long journey of less than a few minutes through the trees to the beach. 

This is what greets you:


We fell asleep on the beach, came back to our little bungalow and got ready for the evening.

Since then we've pretty much done the same thing; breakfast, beach, nap, watch the sunset, dinner, a few drinks and bed. Its so hot here you're knackered by 9 o'clock so we haven't really had any late nights.   It's just so lovely to spend quality time with each other with no distractions.

In the evening we go to the beach and watch the sunset which is so romantic and peaceful:

Its pretty much the main evening entertainment! Lovely.  After dinner we've gone for little walks and done a bit of star gazing. The stars as you can imagine are wonderfully bright and plentiful out here. I love it. 

Us on the beach watching the sunset above:

One night we walked along the beach and noticed all these little blue lights along the shore - Sami said they're bio luminescence or luminous plankton.  it was awesome! I've never seen anything like that before. I tried to get a pic but couldn't because as soon as light was on them they became invisible.   Here's a pic I found online:

Glowing animals picture: bioluminescent phytoplankton in waves along a beach

amazing isn't it!

The wildlife here is pretty cool - we've seen fruit bats, a mahusive waspy thing which frightened the shit out of me, crabs and hermit crabs and Ian:

He chills on the beach in the evening waiting for a fish dinner. I love him. 

Fruit Bats:

Tonight we are going night fishing where our catch will be our dinner. I've never been fishing before so I'm excited although I'm a bit nervous too - I've got my usual holiday stomach - thanks IBS, I love you too. Ya bastard! 

Healthwise I'm feeling good. Even If I wasn't I wouldn't let it spoil my hols. I'm stiff in the mornings as usual but yesterday I had a lovely massage courtesy of Sami's mum who gave me some dollar dollar bill to spend at the spa as a birthday gift.  The massage was fabulous and really helped loosen my muscles. Sami's Dad's partner Christine also gave me some dollars so I'm going to have a pedicure on my birthday next week. A pedicure on my birthday in The Maldives - how bloody lucky am I? I feel like the luckiest person ever right now!

I'll do an update on the night fishing tomorrow. Hopefully a good update! 


That fecking boat! Or Dhoni as they call them out here. I think it should be called a 'donty' - Looks pretty but don't fall for it, its evil! I am never going on a boat again! Ever!!! Feck me I felt so sick I wanted to die, like actually die. 

We made friends with another young couple on the boat, Michael and Lindsey and poor Lindsey felt as bad as I did although she's pregnant so she had an excuse! 

The main fisherman came over to us and after a general chit chat he said, 'you lot are great, a lot of people get sick and we have to call a speedboat to come and get them' my ears pricked up, 'speedboat? You can get us a speedboat?' He laughed thinking I was joking. I said 'I'm serious! Get me and Lindsey out of here!' Bless him he called a speed boat from the Island and within ten minutes it arrived to pick us up.  I have to say it was pretty damn cool! Sami and Michael came back with us (they were probably jealous we were going in a really cool James Bond-esque speed boat) once on dry land we both felt fine. I gave Lindsey a big hug and said thank Jesus for that! We had dinner and all met up at the bar afterwards for a well deserved drink. The night fishing boat didn't come in until about 2 hours after we got off and we'd already endured 2 and half vomit inducing hours! Feck another 2!!!

I think Sami and Michael were pleased we got off as they didn't look too hot either plus Sami was peed off as he didn't catch any fish. He did catch a piece of coral though.

A little boy on the boat caught 7 fish! The boys were well annoyed. I reckon they wanted to throw the little fecker off! I didn't catch any and quite frankly I didn't want to, all I could think about was not throwing up. 

They had a beach party here last night so after a few drinks in the fisherman's bar we all went along. We sat on the beach chatting and listening to the music and even managed to stay up till 1am. Lol. 

Right now I'm lying on the bed while Sami has a snooze - he was quite drunk last night so I'll let him off. Him and Michael were drinking jugs of beer - they don't have pints out here so you either have a small glass about the size of a coke can or you have a litre jug so jugs it was. 

We've just had breakfast and while I was eating my eggs minding me own business a lady came over and said you're Faye aren't you? I said yeah thinking who the feck are you? I was trying to search my mind thinking my old teacher? Neighbour? Mum's friend? Then she said, 'I remember you from the speed boat on the way here, you had the biggest smile I've ever seen, it was literally from ear to ear and I'll never forget it.' Then she said 'it was lovely, it was like you were thinking Wow this is amazing!' I said, 'that's exactly what I was thinking!' 

We had a nice little chat and afterwards she asked if Sami and I are on our honeymoon I told her no to which she seemed surprised and said aww you both look so happy so I told her we've just got engaged.  I love being engaged!

I'm not sure how she knew my name as we didn't introduce ourselves on the boat but it was nice of her to come and say hi to us. I'm glad we look happy! I feel so lucky and I'll remember this feeling forever. That's partly why I wanted to blog about it because I can read this in a few years time when we've got screaming kids around us and remember a simpler time.

Today we are going to try some snorkling - I don't usually put my head under water but I'm going to be brave as the coral reef here is meant to be awash with all sorts of wonderful fish and I don't want to miss out. I shall update tomorrow....

Sami on the beach

Nope. Didn't go snorkelling. We went for a wander around the island (takes about 15 mins to walk all the way around) and sat on our sunbeds where we fell asleep. Its just too relaxing here! 

Here are some pics from our adventure around the island:

Bumpy Lizard on the tree:






They had live music in the bar this evening and I must say they were pretty damn good! I said to Sami we should hire them for our wedding! I was cheeky and asked them to do Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and they did it very well. I was impressed. 

Sami and I are trying to choose the song for our first dance for our wedding and its really hard! We have a song but its not really suitable! Its 'Will you be my girlfriend' by Nelly and Justin Timberlake and I'll be his wife when we do our first dance so it would be a bit weird. I also consider Rhianna's 'Umbrella' to be one of our songs but I don't really want a Rhianna song for our first dance. I do have some songs in mind but we'll see. Whenever I tell people they always say things like 'yeah that's a very popular one' I want it to be original and special not what everyone else has. 

Thursday 10th October

We finally did a bit of snorkeling  Wow its seriously amazing! The reef is so close by and you can see so many fish. We even saw Dory from Finding Nemo. I wish I could show you pics but we don't have an underwater camera.   I did find this online though which is a really good example of what it was like:

Sami and Michael found ESPN on Sunday and watched the Arsenal game (boys!) Lyndsey and I went to The Fishermans Bar where they were having a film night and watched From Paris With Love. Bit random but it was good and better than watching Arsenal draw with West Brom. It was Michael and Lyndsey's last day as they only came for a week. Shame really as I'd quite liked to have got to know them better.  

We're going on a Dolphin spotting cruise tomorrow morning from 8 till 12pm. I know, boats aren't my friend but I'm going to suffer it, if we see dolphins it will be worth it. 

I've woken up today feeling like crap. I'm really fucking annoyed because I didn't want Lupus to tarnish my time here. I guess I haven't done too badly - 1 day out of 10 is pretty good for me. I'm just going to park my sunbed in the shade and sleep. Its the only thing I can do. I genuinely started to forget I even have an illness but its reared its ugly old  head today just to remind me its still very much part of my life.

Well I went out to sleep on the sunbed but I couldn't get comfy so now I'm in the room even more pissed off than I already was. I'm sulking. I'm like the champion of sulkers right now. If sulking was a sport I'd have a gold medal. 

I know, what a prick right? Who comes to The Maldives and wakes up in a bad mood?

I said I wouldn't let Lupus ruin this holiday but right now it is. I can't get comfy on the sunbed because of my stupid painful joints and my sunglasses broke so now I either sulk in the room in comfort or I walk to the shop (which feels like a mission at the moment) buy some sunnies and go and sulk uncomfortably in the shade. I think I'll stay in the room. I'm pretty sure Sami doesn't want to look at this misery right now. 

I could rest my joints in the sea but my arms and back are really burnt so I don't want to even look at the sun today. Sulking in the room like a douche lord it is then. Yep - I deserve to be kicked in the kneecap.  

God I'm really playing up to the moody women stereotype right now. I'm not usually moody I'd say to see me in a bad mood is quite rare but when I do it, I do it properly. If I'm in a bad mood I go all out. I even threw my broken sunglasses across the room and stamped my foot like a 4 year old. I really don't know how Sami puts up with me. He must love me a lot! I'd uppercut me if I was him. 

Saturday 12 October - My Birthday!

Yey its my birthday! I just opened some cards and a couple of gifts from my Mum. She bought me loads of holiday stuff before we came out here; bikini's, dresses, sandals etc and said to me that's my lot but obviously couldn't resist it and made me pack some other gifts. She got me some lovely earrings and some sparkly hair clips from Accessorize which is funny as I'd been looking at the very same ones a few days before we came but I decided I didn't have enough money to buy stuff for myself - what with not having a job and all that! Luckily I have a lovely Mummy. 

I made Sami promise he wouldn't buy me a birthday gift as he has spoilt me so much recently. He did bring a card though which is lovely. I can't get over how lucky I am to be here on my birthday!

Speaking of lucky we went on the Dolphin cruise yesterday and it was amazing! We saw a pod of around 20 dolphins! They came right up to the boat to say hello to us. Somehow I was ok on the boat, maybe because I had dolphins to distract me. The boat did however break down on our way back to our island so we had to wait, bobbing up and down for a speed boat to rescue us. I told you it should be called a donty. So yes we had another speedboat rescue off the same boat! The sea was a bit choppy so again it was like a Disney Land ride. Good times! 

Here's a couple of stills from the video I got of the Dolphins:



It was grey all day yesterday and after dinner it poured down on a biblical scale - I guess we are on a tropical island so its to be expected. I woke up about 4 times in the night and each time it was still raining. A lot. Its not raining today but it is grey. Hopefully the sun comes out later as its our penultimate day here and I would like to top up my tan!

Me on the beach on my Birthday - it was really windy!

After my painful and sulky day on Thursday, I woke up on Friday feeling fine, no painful joints or aching muscles or anything. Weird but good.  

I picked up a book from the Library the other day (well the cupboard with a few books in) and its freaked me out a bit. Its an autobiography by an actress called Stephanie Cole - I'd never heard of her but she was famous in the 80's and was in various plays and BBC dramas and comedies. Anyway I'm about half way through and its like I'm reading about myself. She talks about anxiety issues and they are all identical to mine. She shares a lot of her inner most thoughts and I relate to them so much its uncanny. Even weirder is how drawn to the book I was. Sami said who's she? Why do you want to read that and I said I've no idea and I don't know why but I do. I'm glad I did. 

I've loved summing up this holiday in this blog. There's so much I probably would have forgotten if I waited until the end. I think I'll enjoy reading this again at some point. 

Sami and I are going to chill on the porch in a min - its a bit too grey for the beach and the threat of rain is quite prominent. I'm not a fan of the porch as we seem to have acquired a a couple of unwanted friends in the form of large, buzzy giant wasps. I call them buzz light year and buzz Aldrin. Their buzz is so loud and they are there, without fail every effing lunchtime.  

Oooh I think the suns coming out.... 

Nope the sun didn't show. We went to the beach, it was there for about 2 minutes then it rained. Not heavily but enough to bring us back to the buzzy porch. 

I went to the spa and had a pedicure which was nice. The lady was laughing at how small my feet are. To me they're just normal but I guess they are a bit ridiculous.  
When we went snorkelling the guy there gave me size 1-2 fins and they fitted. Oh well, I guess its better than having huge feet. 

I had a lovely birthday but it did feel strange not being around friends and family. We aren't receiving any text messages and don't have an internet connection so I had NO birthday messages which made me feel a bit emotional. I really didn't anticipate feeling like that! I am pathetic sometimes. 

There was a live band in the bar who were really good but again it felt weird not to be celebrating and dancing with all my friends. I'm a home girl at heart. At least I know I can never move away from home!
Sami was good and cheered me up. He said 'c'mon its your birthday and you're in the maldives man' I said I know and I'm sorry but it feels so strange, like everyones forgotten about me! Of course I knew that wasn't the case but its a very weird feeling. 

Sunday 13 October

Our last day. Noooooooo! Its sunny today which is good. We only had 2 grey days and for this time of year I believe we have been lucky. 
I'm sad to be leaving, its been amazing but I'm also glad to be going home. Can't wait to get in our own bed and see my friends and family. 
Right I had better attempt to top up my very slight tan....

Monday 14th October

I'm pleased to say we are home now. We arrived safely after the speed boat ride to the airport, a minor delay, the 11 hour flight home (almost with an emergency landing in Turkey) and the hour long drive back from the airport. Knackered is the word I'd use right now.  

We were on the plane and I think I've mentioned before my serious phobia of flying? Well if I haven't then let me tell you it is really bad. I have plane crash dreams at least 3 times a week. I also tense up every time a plane goes over our flat and I regularly suffer mini anxiety attacks involving thoughts of plane crashes. So anyway, we're on the plane, I'm sitting quietly trembling, hands sweating just after take off and somehow after a few hours I manage to relax and close my eyes when the air steward comes on to the mic and says 'if there is a doctor or nurse on board please make yourself known' I wake up straight away thinking ohmygod what's happened? After a few mins an air hostess gets a first aid kit out from one of the overhead storage units and goes to the back of the plane, then one of the pilots joins her! What the feck? I really thought we were going to have to make an emergency landing. 

For those of you that don't know, Sami's Dad is Turkish therefore Sami cannot go to Turkey without having to do an 18 month National Service stint. So when we thought an emergency landing might happen, we both immediately looked at the screen and clicked the 'where are we?' Section and, of course we were flying over Turkey. Fuck. I turned to him and just said "don't worry it will be fine." Funny how we switched roles for a few moments. Fortunately, we didn't have to land and all was fine and I believe the injured person was fine too so all is good. 

I'm not sure why I'm so scared of flying. I might think about hypnosis or something. We'll see. 

I'm gonna have to go to bed now. We've been up almost 24 hours.  My joints are starting to hurt and I keep feeling myself swaying from side to side. 

Feels odd that you can wake up in the maldives and go to bed in England on the same day. 

I highly recommend the Maldives its out of this world beautiful, the people are gorgeous and so friendly, the food was wonderful, the sea and sea life are amazing, the weather was exceptional and just to get away from it all felt so good; no internet, no phone, no distractions, just nature. 

Right on that note I'm gonna go to bed. G'night everyone - back to reality tomorrow...

Bye bye beautiful Maldives....


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