17 Oct 2013

Guilty Pleasures Part Deux

We all have them; things we enjoy but feel guilty about.

I have touched on some of these before but only briefly so here is the full and unedited version...

1. Shitey Magazines, you know the 69p ones with stories like 'My Nan is Actually My Dad' Or 'My husband cheated on me with next door neighbour's dog'  I love them.  I cannot get enough of them. Out in public I read The Metro or the latest best seller but secretly I read crap.

2. The Jeremy Kyle Show.  I know, don't judge me - I can't help it.  I hate it, I shout at the TV yet I still watch it.  What annoys me the most about it is when people come on TV with roots down to their ears wearing tracksuits and manky old shoes - MAKE THE EFFORT, YOU'RE ON TV  YOU MORON!!! And Jeremy himself, all he does is shout and say "You go that way and you go that way" like it makes a difference to these people's lives.  You see, I'm getting riled up when really I could just stop watching it. Easier said than done my friends. Easier said than done.

3. Expensive make up.  I spend a fortune on it.  The problem is, no amount of expensive make up is going to change my face.  This face is here to stay but why didn't that mascara make me look like Cheryl Cole? WTF?! The night cream I bought didn't transform my face into a 20 year olds.  I'm confused. And skint  And Touche Eclait? What does it actually do? I'm not sure I understand yet I still ensure my make up bag is always fully stocked with it.

4. Hangover Pizza.  When I'm hungover I HAVE to order a pizza with a can of coke.  Pizza Hut do a Feast For One for £10.  I always feel guilty afterwards and have to remove every morsel of evidence in order to forget what I just did.  I eat a whole pizza and a side of 8 chicken strippers to myself? Nope, no I didn't.

5. Taking selfies and posting them on Instragram or Facebook.  I can't get enough of it.   I'd probably post more if I didn't think it was douchey. Its terribly vain and clearly I must be lacking in the self esteem department (or maybe I possess too much self esteem? who knows) but I enjoy it and I'm not harming anyone. Possibly annoying people but not harming.

6. Checking Facebook every 7 minutes or there abouts.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  I just have to know whats going on.  I simply must know who is checking in at Nando's, how many points people are scoring on Candy Crush, who's had a crap day at work and who is talking in code trying to get attention.  What the hell did we do before Facebook????

7. Eating biscuits in bed.  Sami will go mad when he reads this because he does not allow food in bed but occasionally when he's not around I take a cup of tea and some biscuits to bed with me.  It feels naughty and fun! Lol - rock 'n' roll baby.

8. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Yep. Sad isn't it? I mean who are they anyway? Airheads with Arses as big as their egos just about sums them up.  But then people like me are keeping them on our screens! I will stop watching them from now on.  Maybe.  If there's nothing else on.

9. Shoes.  I love shoes and if I had more money I would buy a pair everyday.  I often buy shoes instead of necessities like food.  I'd starve for a pair of loubies.

10. Wine.  I defo drink more than is recommended.  But I like it.


  1. you've come a long way faye since we had that chat ...rock n roll baby.

  2. Haha thanks darren and yes I have! Hope ur well xxx