19 Oct 2013

Little things mean a lot....

Saturday 19th October

I feel like all I've done since I got back from holiday is moan, moan, moan. I slept all day yesterday and felt like a whole day of my life had been wasted.  I was supposed to be meeting my mum for lunch and going to a possible wedding venue for a nose but no, I couldn't and then I had to cancel a dinner date, all because of Lupus.  So annoying.

I wonder how many days Lupus has caused me to waste? The fatigue sometimes is unreal. I couldn't physically keep my eyes open for most of yesterday. And now today I've woken up in pain.  I hate waking up in pain. Its like 'oh good morning Faye, welcome to a shit day!'

I need to not feel like this today as mine and Sami's parents are all meeting for the first time later. We're going for an engagement meal at a nice pub in Hayes. My mum and Sami's mum have met but no one else has. I'm looking forward to it so hopefully I don't feel like how I feel right now. I'm like a zombie. 

Arrrgh! I just yelped out loud in pain. My fingers hurt, I've got a pounding head, tender muscles in my arms, sharp shooting pains in my hips, shooting pains in my knees and my calves are all tight; if I stretch them it kills. Therefore today I will mostly be lying down. 

It is frustrating sometimes. I think to myself I'm young! I'm supposed to be out and about not lying in bed like an invalid. Luckily for me I'm lazy and enjoy lying down but not allll the time. Hopefully if I lie down all day I'll be well enough to go out this evening. 

I'm so lucky to have Sami. He knew I felt awful yesterday so on his way home from work he bought me a lemon tart (my fave) which really cheered me up and this morning he is going to run me a bath.

My mum showed me a song the other day called little things mean a lot by Kitty Kallen - it was my Nan and Grandad's song. I listened to it and it made me cry (in a nice way) because it made me think about mine and Sami's relationship and its true the little things do mean a lot. 

Here's the link to it if you'd like to hear it:


I can't wait to marry him.

Right, baths ready....Will cath up with y'all later xxxx

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