20 Oct 2013

Moany Mcmoanerson

Sunday 21st October 2013

I'm pleased to say the meal went well last night.  Our parents all seemed to get a long and we had a laugh without too many awkward silences. We arrived at the pub at 7pm and all went home about 12am so we spent a long time together - no one tried to rush off at 9pm or anything like that! Sami's dads partner Christine just rang to say she had a lovely time and that my Dad had her in stitches for most of the evening so that's good.

Right! Now it's time to arrange the engagement party.  I've been contemplating whether or not to have one and I've decided we will as I think it will be nice for everyone to meet before the wedding. And its an excuse for a piss up so why not?

I've woken up in agony.  My left arm is so painful, it feels like I've done serious damage to it and its all swollen.  I can't believe you can go to bed OK and wake up in this state.  It's bizarre to think my immune system is attacking me and right now its attacking my arm.  Stupid immune system. Stupid Lupus.  If Lupus was a person I would beat him with a stick.

I'm a bit bored of it all to be honest.  Wake up, feel like shit, be in pain all day, try and get on with things, go to bed, wake up, feel like shit etc etc etc. BORING!

I'd love to know how and why I was so well on holiday.  I only had one bad day and since we've got back everyday has been bad.  Maybe I need to go and live in the Maldives. Yep, thats the answer.  See ya later!! No more blogging will be done as I won't be ill anymore so won't have anything to say....IF ONLY.

I'm going to go and view a potential wedding venue tomorrow.  I'm thinking maybe I should have a separate wedding blog? Hmmmm....Anyway I'm going to keep a lid on things for now.  Once we have stuff booked then I'll let you all know about it but for now I'm going to keep quiet.  I don't want anyone influencing me or coming at me with their opinions.  It's amazing how so many people tell you what they think you should or shouldn't be doing.  Its mine and Sami's day remember.
Urrrgh! I wish we could just get married tomorrow!

I'm going to go and have a bath now which will hopefully help with my arm.  Its killing me.  I'm going to have to ask Sami to wash my hair for me which is a bit embarrassing - not being able to wash your own hair.  Oh no I'm gonna have to ask him to blow dry it too....both his parents are hairdressers but unfortunately he's not! I'll have to put a pic up of my hair after....

Sami washed it for me but I managed to blow dry it with one arm and it looks fine. I suppose.  I've been trying to grow it long for a year or so now as I've always had a bob or pixie haircuts but decided I want it long for our wedding but its annoying me - I want it to be long NOW. NOOOOOWWWWW!

I'm going to go now, I don't really have anything interesting to say, I'm just moaning about hair and weddings so I'll go do it quietly somewhere else.

Catch y'all later.  I really hope my arm is back to normal tomorrow....and I wake up with hair 5 inches longer and a planned wedding....

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