25 Sep 2013

Lupus & Me/ More like My Wedding & Me...

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy few days of drinking champagne, opening cards, going out and celebrating etc - it's wonderful! I love being engaged!  It's just so happy and lovely.  I haven't even been 'lupusy' I think it's because I'm too happy!  Ooops maybe I shouldn't have said that.  Stay away Lupus! You aint welcome round here!

Lots of people are asking so now you're engaged whens the wedding?  Well to be honest I still feel a little bit shocked and I'm loving this engaged feeling so we're not in any rush but we are hoping around October next year.  Sami's sister is getting married in February so I think 8 months after her is an acceptable amount of time.  If Ela wasn't getting married then we might have even done it sooner but I'm happy to wait and we'd never steal her thunder so we'll make sure its a while afterwards.

I don't really see the point in being engaged now and waiting years to  get married...That doesn't make sense to me.  Unless we had to wait in order to save money or something but I don't think we'll need that long as we'll probably have quite a small wedding.  A few days after we got engaged I asked Sami when he'd like to get married and he said 'Well as soon as possible really as there's no reason to wait years.'  I think the tradition is to get married a year later? I'm not sure, I think that's what most people do though.  I mean we're not in any rush but I don't want to be engaged forever.

We'd like to have a low key wedding with just our nearest and dearest so it shouldn't take too long to plan - maybe I'm being naive I don't know but I'll soon find out!  We'll probably have a maximum of 70 guests and we're thinking of having the reception in a pub so we'll see.  I just want the day to be about us and our marriage - I don't want the 'wedding' to take over that.  I bet I end up with 200 people in a huge stately home!

I'm thinking of having an engagement party when we get back from holiday as mine and Sami's families don't really know each other so I thought it would be nice at the wedding if everyone has already been acquainted with one another.  Plus I want to celebrate this as much as possible! We've had such a shitey few years and now this wonderful thing is happening I want to make the most of it.  It feels so nice to be able to celebrate and have this joyful occasion in our lives.

I really can't wait to be married to Sami.  I can't believe he actually proposed to me but I have to say I'm glad he waited as now I know he is definitely ready and I'm loving how into it all he is.

Anyway I don't want this to be a wedding blog so I won't bang on about it too much and we'd also like to keep our wedding details etc quite private so hopefully I wont go on and on about stuff that no one actually cares about! Chair covers this and centre pieces that...no thanks.

So back to the real purpose of this blog - living with Lupus.  As I said earlier I've been feeling pretty well of late.  I am super tired but I haven't really been sleeping well  - I wake up about 6am everyday and think 'Wow I'm engaged!' and then I can't  get back to sleep because I'm so excited and have all these wedding ideas going round my head.  But other than being tired I'm fine.

We are going on holiday on Sunday so I've got lots to do before we go, house work, packing, insurance etc plus we have a 30th birthday party to go to on Saturday.  Can't wait for the party but we'll have to leave early as we have a 10 hour flight the next day.  Sami and I are NEVER the first to leave a party - we're usually the last! It will feel odd leaving early but needs must and all that.

I cannot wait for our holiday - the sun can be a trigger for Lupus so I'll obviously have to be careful but I'm not massively into sunbathing anyway so I'll probably sit in the shade with my book.  I'll come back white and Sami will be all tanned - jealous? me? Never.  I've got Irish skin so even if I didn't spend most of the time in the shade I'll still come back white with a hint of pink.  Sami gets a lovely colour but his Dad is Turkish so maybe that helps!

When we booked this holiday I had no idea we'd be engaged so now I call it our 'engagement moon' God knows where we'll go on our honey moon now that we are going to the Maldives...I think I'd like to stay in a log cabin somewhere with a cosy fire place.  Sorry, I'm going on about weddings and shit again aren't I? I can't help it - it's all I think about.  I didn't blog for ages because I can't think of anything else to talk about or say other than my engagement! OUR engagement - must get into the habit of saying we and our - I keep saying I'm engaged instead of we're engaged.

I bought Sami grand theft Auto the other day - I think I may come to regret that as its been played rather a lot lately he even jokingly suggested he bring it with him to The Maldives. Well I hope it was a joke....

I had better go and get on with all my chores.  I probably won't do another post now until after the holiday so keep well and I look forward to updating you all once I'm back.


  1. Hey I have a quick question about your blog, could you email me when you have a chance? Thanks! –Cam

  2. Hi Cameron - just seen this - what would you like to ask?