24 Sep 2013

He put a ring on it....

Tuesday 24th September

Caroline flack - a name beginning with C but also something else beginning with a C. I can't watch the Xtra Factor because of her. I don't know what it is about her - the constant shouting maybe? I don't know. Anyway just thought I'd share that thought as it made me chuckle. Yeah I laugh at my own jokes.  

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while - I've been quite busy, y'know getting engaged and all that....Yes! He put a ring on it! 

I'm I mean WE are engaged!! WAHOOOOOOOO!!

How did he pop the question I hear you ask?! 

Well, we were lazing around in bed last Sunday (our 6 year anniversary) when he says, 'What do you fancy doing today?' 
'Hmmmm not a lot - I'm gonna watch repeats of the X-Factor.'
'Oh right, so you don't fancy a walk down the road?'
Nope, its cold and miserable and I don't want to.'
'Oh, so you don't want to go ring shopping today then?'
I jumped up faster than you can say imengaged! And was ready within 5 minutes. 

We decided to go to a local jewellers where I tried on 4 rings. The last one was THE ring. As soon as I put it on it made me gasp and it sparkled so much one of the sparkles temporarily blinded me in one eye - no lie. I fiddled with it and admired it for a bit and when I turned it over, it had a little tag with a bar code on which read '041254-FL' this made me go all funny as my name is Faye Louise, I thought wow! This is definitely the one - it literally has my name on it! 

It was a bit big for me but the lady let me wear it for the day so I could show it off but I had to bring it back on Monday for it to be re-sized. 

We left the shop in a daze. I felt all weird and dizzy, I was shaking and all sorts - I think it was shock. We went and had a coffee and visited our parents to share our news. 

On the way to my parents I said 'Sami, you haven't actually asked me to marry you' lol! He asked me and obviously I said yes! Several bottles of champagne later we came home and it still hadn't sunken in yet. 
I loved the casual proposal. Its so Sami; chilled, laid back, no nonsense. It was just perfect. I'd have hated it if it was in public or if he went down on one knee (although that's lovely, its not for us) Or if he'd made a big deal out of it I'm not sure how I'd have coped! I loved it, 'So you don't want to go ring shopping today then?' Haha!
He told me he did look at rings so he had one to propose with but he said he couldn't choose one for me and as I'll be wearing it forever he thought it best I chose myself and to be honest, I'm so glad he did. Sami has excellent taste and I'm sure he could have chosen one I liked but the one I have is perfect and as a fussy person, I think he did the right thing. 
I'm so happy!!!! 

For days I couldn't process the fact that Sami had actually asked me to marry him. I was in so much shock. I genuinely thought it wasn't happening anytime soon. 

I have been pretty vocal in my desire to get married but last week I thought to myself I need to stop talking and thinking about it now because he's just not there yet so I need to let him do it in his own time and when I was least expecting it, he did it! Yipeeee! 

It's the best feeling ever - once the shock had worn off I was left with pure joy and elation. I'm so happy and I feel so lucky to have found Sami - he has stuck by me through everything and he's going to make a wonderful husband. Ahhh! 'Husband!' I call him my Beyonce instead of fiancee. Or my H2b which he hates. I'd better stop calling him that one actually in case he changes his mind. 
So that's it - we are going to get married! Now time to start thinking when and where....I have some ideas but we'll see.  

I don't really have much more to say at the moment as quite frankly nothing else seems to matter. I'm just wrapped up in my little fluffy engagement bubble. 

Oooh I did go wedding dress shopping with my best friend yesterday (for her, not for me) she finally found a dress after trying on many last week and quite a few yesterday but it is a seriously stunning dress - a real show stopper. I'm so happy we found one for her. 

I can't wait to go dress shopping....ahhh there I go again thinking about me and my wedding. 

Ok well rather than bore the shite out of y'all I'm gonna go now and start thinking about planning a wedding. Just thought I should share my lovely news and my happiness - after a very difficult (and painful) few years I have something wonderful to celebrate and I'm going to enjoy every single moment. Xxx

Well, that was written on Thursday. Once I had been back to the shop last Monday to arrange a new ring to be made they told me they would process it as an urgent request and I'd have it back by Friday. Friday came and went and no ring. I phoned the manager and he apologised and said it would be ready by Saturday. I phoned on Saturday on my way to the shop and they told me the ring was not there yet. I was so upset as I'd been looking forward to it all week. I told the shop assistants it wasn't good enough and I was deeply upset. Obviously they apologised and told me I can come back Monday when it will definitely be ready. I told them bollocks. I'm not coming back to the shop again for a third time when its their fault so they arranged for the ring to be couriered over to the flat yesterday.

True to their word I got a knock at the door yesterday morning and there was my ring with the shop assistant. He'd physically gone up to Hatton Garden in London, got the ring and brought it back to me. He also had a bottle of champagne to apologise so I let him off. So after all that I am now in possession of my lovely ring. What a palava! Ah well, makes a good story eh? 

I can't stand bad customer service and when it comes to something as important as an engagement ring its just totally unacceptable in my book. I also demanded a formal apology from the manager and some vouchers as compensation for my 'ordeal' which he agreed to. I refuse to be treated like that. But anyway, I'm happy now and I've got my ring and my H2b so it doesn't matter. 

As I said earlier, life is really good at the moment and I intend to soak up every single drop of joy.