3 Apr 2013

Back Lash

Wednesday 3 April 2013 - Morning

Well if you read yesterday's post 'Hospital Appointment' you will see I was having a rather good day.  Oh how this changed in the evening!

I walked home from work as I wanted some exercise - seeing as I was bed ridden for most of the weekend.  I felt fine, I was having a great time.  I got in made dinner and we had a nice chilled evening on the sofa (Sami watching crappy football and I was reading a magazine) after a couple of hours I started feeling really hot and unwell.  My back felt like it was burning so I asked Sami to take a look.

He said "Oh, its really red, looks sore like sunburn" then he poked it (typical bloke) and it bloomin' hurt!  

It stayed like that for about 2 hours and I went to bed hoping it would be better in the morning - which it is.

It's so weird how things like this can happen.  I had a rash just like this on my chest last week.  In the whole time I've had Lupus I've never had any rashes with it - although it is very common so I guess it was only a matter of time.  

Perhaps I overdid it a with coming into work so soon after being so poorly.  Plus I  walked home.  I guess this is the back lash (lol!).  I need to learn to pace myself.  I'm at work today but if I start feeling rough I'll get the bus home.  I can just hear my body screaming at me to relax - I didn't listen so now it's showing me physical signs.

Wednesday 03 April 2013 - Afternoon

Well I've just been to the docs in my lunch break about this rash as it was fine this morning but has come out again this afternoon.  Doctor said its an allergy of some kind but he also said it could be a lupus rash - he's not sure so I have to speak to my lupus doc (luckily I'm seeing him on Monday) so I don't have an answer but he did give me some cooling gel and he advised me to up my dose of steroids.  Great - I HATE steroids.

I also asked him to look in my ear as the pain really is severe and it's been there since the beginning of January when I had an infection.  He said I have a perforated eardrum (possibly caused by the infection) and fluid build up.  Well, FINALLY an explanation for the pain.   Apparently it will heal by itself within a few months.

I've told about 4 docs and they've all just said, 'Oh perhaps its inflamed because of your lupus or, 'Oh you're run down, its probably in your head.'  WELL it's not in my head you DOUCHES (well it is literally) but I'm not imagining it! I am so glad because I was starting to think I was some sort of hypochondriac.

So the daily assault on my body continues...Will I EVER get a day off???

I just heard all my joints and muscles say (in their Samuel L Jackson voice) 'HELL NO!'  'HELL NO MOTHERFUCKER!'

Oh well - gives me something to blog about I suppose.

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