11 Jun 2013


Monday 10th June - evening 

After being diagnosed with another illness today it really got me thinking and I am just so incredibly lucky to have such supportive friends and family around me. And I'm lucky to have such a caring and considerate boyfriend. They all make living with this shit bearable. 

I speak to people with Lupus and other chronic illnesses who have really unsupportive boyfriends/husbands/family and I just think wow what would I do if I were them? I would not cope. 

I often think people not going through this do not understand how it feels but my loved ones try to understand and that's what's important.  And those that don't care and don't try to understand well they can just piss off because they have no place in my fabulous life.

I've just take my new tablet (I'm on 10mg of amitriptyline which is tricyclic anti-depressant - they aren't used as anti depressants anymore as they discovered they work for chronic pain and they relax the muscles) oh wow it feels wonderful! My muscles aren't hurting for the first time in like, forever! They've stopped spasming and everything.  I don't know what to do with myself. I want to jump around but I can't because I feel quite drunk. I just brushed my teeth and I had to hold on to the sink. I feel all floaty and super relaxed. Wow this is amazing. I love my life. I love my friends and my family. I love Sami and all his family and I just love everyone. I may have lupus and fuckyoumyalgia but its ok because everything else in my life is good. Good night. 

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Lol! I wrote that last night. It sounds like I'm high or something.

I have recently discovered that chronic pain is different to acute pain.  So with this fibromyalgia pain killers don't really work hence why when I had morphine a couple of weeks ago it didn't even touch the pain.  With chronic pain it comes from the brain so to treat it with anti depressants kind of makes sense because they change the way the brain sends out pain signals (basically I have a dodgy brain. Yep my brain is dodgy). Who knew?!   Another good thing about treating the pain with anti-drepressants is that Fibromyalgia can also cause depression plus living with shitty illnesses can obviously make you depressed too so hopefully by taking amitriptyline I will ward off any depression.  I kind of enjoy learning stuff like this.  When I was first diagnosed with Lupus I was obsessed with it.  I think I know much more about it than most GP's do!  So now my new obsession can be Fibromyalgia.  I'm gonna be an expert.

So after taking the tablet last night I woke up this morning and felt really spaced out. I didn't even know what day it was! I'm feeling fine now though. I am going to have to watch made in chelsea again on catch up tv as I know I had it on last night but I don't remember anything that happened! The doctor said for the first week I will feel a bit funny when I take this tablet but he said it will fine after a few days to a week. He said it will take a month before you notice any real difference with your pain. I'm hoping it does work because I'm in a lot of pain today and I mean a lot. I'm aching all over with stabbing pains, bad knee pain and I feel exhausted to the point where I can't stay awake. I need to muster up some energy from somewhere as I have got to have a shower. I hate not having a bath or shower twice a day. Its now 2pm and I'm still in bed, in my pj's. I feel manky. Plus I had bad night sweats last night. So I need to get up and sort this shit out. Right I'm gonna do it. Yep I'm doing it....

Ah that's better! I'm now nice and clean and fresh. Need to now muster up the energy to go and make some lunch. Ah really can't be bothered.

I was gonna go with my mum to her hospital appointment today but I'm just so exhausted, I literally can't do it. I feel so bad but I know she understands as she suffers with fatigue too. One of the hardest things to deal with when you have an illness is the guilt you feel when you say you'll go somewhere or do something and when it comes to the day you can't. I hate that. Luckily as I said earlier all the people in my life who matter try to understand and they never make me feel bad about it. But you can't help but feel guilty or annoyed with yourself. Just one of those things. Hopefully I'll learn to deal with it better as time goes on - I'm still quite new to all this chronic illness malarky! Stupid chronic illnesses trying to destroy me. Aint gonna happen. I'm going to embrace it, I'm going to hug it and say, 'Hey! Come on, show me what you've got!' And then I'm going to deal with everything head on, I'm going to laugh at it, smile and say, 'You will not get me down or ruin my positive attitude. You can mash up my body because that's beyond my control but you can't take away my smile or my laugh' No way.  So bring it fecking on!

Right time for lunch. 

I just had some lunch - tuna pasta with spring onion and I'm still hungry. My appetite is massive. I need to sort it out. I'm scared this new medication is going to make me gain weight (its listed as a side effect). I really don't want to gain weight! Why can't the side effects be weight loss and extreme beauty? I'm just going to have to keep an eye on what I'm eating. I've also realised the box says to avoid alcohol. Omg. This does not make me happy. I love my wine after dinner. I love cocktails on a saturday night and a glass of vino with Sunday lunch. I just love to drink! Hmmm maybe this isn't such a bad thing after all as I probably should cut down a bit. I'd just like to be able to have the occasional glass of wine but I'm not sure I can. Some people are saying its fine and others are saying no way.  Maybe I'll have a small glass of wine at home and see how it makes me feel. It will be a little experiment. 

I have officially given up my job now for good now.  I am un-employed. I just wasn't coping and I tried to stay on a couple of days a week but it did me in. I'd be on my back for 2 days afterwards so there is no point. And now that I know I have fibromyalgia too I need to relax and chill out for a bit. I'm hoping this new tablet will make a difference. My lupus is pretty much under control according to my blood work so its just getting this fibro under control and then I might have a life again. The kind of life I want. 

Its nice to know I don't have to get up for work at the moment as this morning I was a mess! So at least I can take time to adjust to my new medication, chill out get this under control and then maybe I'll be able to get a part time job and get my life back together. Woooo! That's what I'm going to keep in my mind. 

Ok I think I've waffled enough for one day. I'm going to spend the evening relaxing and watching shite on tv. Catch y'all later. Xxx

Saw this and made me laugh...

A bit like when you leave your phone at home for the day and you panic and when you get back home there are no messages or missed calls. Lol!

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