6 Nov 2013

High Five!

Yo yo bitcheeeeez!

I have good news! Well, GREAT news actually! My story has been published in Lupus Group Ireland's new book 'Living With Lupus' here is a link about it:-


The book will be out on on Friday 8 November 2014. BUY IT! You can purchase it from www.lupusgroupireland.com - All proceeds go to Lupus Group Ireland to help them fund research and support Lupies.

I am beyond proud! Is it OK to be proud of yourself? Is it kind of vein? Oh well, I don't care! I'm like prouder than Kim Kardashian is of her own arse. And that my friends is proud. I'm going to create a different kind of 'belfie' a book selfie!  Once I've received my copy I shall be posting that online. Lols.

By contributing to the book (and doing this blog) I really feel like I've turned something extremely shitey into something good because people with Lupus (or any other chronic illness) will be able to read my story and relate to it.  When I was first diagnosed I didn't know anybody with the condition and as you can imagine, felt very alone. I looked online and found solace in reading other Lupus Sufferer's stories and now I am one of those people whom newly diagnosed people can relate to.

It's no secret that it's a dream of mine to become a published and successful author so to have my little story in a book feels really good.  I know it's just one little story amongst many others but for me its a big deal.

I am also so pleased to be able to help Lupus Group Ireland in their mission to raise awareness for this under publicised disease.  So many people (myself included) are surprised to learn that Lupus is more common than MS, Cystic Fibrosis, and Leukemia combined...And it's just as deadly Yet I bet everyone had heard of the others before they knew what Lupus was.

When I began writing this blog it was my sole aim to raise much needed awareness for this cruel and mysterious disease because when I was diagnosed I had NO IDEA what it was.  I'd like it to at least be something people have heard of.  So being part of this wonderful new book feels like a huge achievement.

Go me! and Go Lupus Group Ireland! High Five! And as for you Lupus, you get a FACE FIVE! Biyarrrtch!

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