31 Mar 2013

Glasses =0(

Sunday 31 March 2013 

Today has been lovely, I finally got to go for a long overdue pub lunch. 

Tonsillitis? what tonsillitis??  Sami said I should stay in bed but I was going a bit stir crazy.  I can't do the whole resting thing.  It's just not me.  I didn't have a choice yesterday as I wasn't able to walk but today I could so I HAD to get out and It was amazing! I eat like a beast!  

I am currently taking a large dose of steroids and boy do they give me the appetite of a MAN.  I am like Man v Food.  I would challenge him right now. And I would whoop his fat ass.  Actually he's not that fat is he? Considering.  Hmm maybe I could make a new show 'crazy steroid lady v food'.

I'm not feeling too bad today.  It's just my eyes they are dry like toast with no butter.  I've had to take my contact lenses out and put my glasses on - I NEVER wear my glasses.  Not even at home.  

Here's the proof... I'm very cosy I've got Sami's dressing gown on and a hot water bottle.  Good times.  Plus he's at the pub.  Woohoo! I got the tv all to myself!

I've had dodgy eyes since I was 3 (bad eyesight - possibly technically partially sighted plus I have a lazy eye) I wore glasses from the age of 3 until I was about 17.  

At school I had THE worst glasses ever in the history of glasses, they were huge Deirdre Barlow style ones AND they were multi-coloured.  Some how I avoided being bullied.  It must have been because I loved them and rocked them like they were cool.  I don't know.  So when I hit 17 I decided to be brave and try contact lenses.  I've never looked back.  Glasses are a pain in the arse.  I hate them.  But today I have no choice as the Sjogrens syndrome has come out to play.  Dry eyes and contacts are a nish nish.  When you try and take them out, oh god you have to peel them off and it aint fun.

Sjogrens Syndrome is a friend of Lupus - they often come and play together.  Sjogrens is also an autoimmune condition whereby the immune system attacks the tear ducts and prevents them from working properly thus (yeah I just used the word 'thus') causing dry eyes.  Like, to the point where blinking HURTS like hell.  You feel like you can't open your eyes and you want to rip them out.  But apart from that I'm fine.

Sami has gone out to the pub so I'm going to watch Sex and the City (I've got the remote tonight) probably with my eyes closed.  I'll be asleep in the next ten I reckon.

Na-night xxxx


  1. I had steroids for cancer treatment and I was the same and I never ate much before but I woke up hungry, it felt I was always hungry and put weight on at the time and hated it but prob gave me extra bit strength to fight. Trying to keep weight down now. X

  2. They are good and bad - I'm glad they gave you the extra strength but not glad you didn't like the weight gain! Keep fighting you courageous lady! xxxxxxxxxx