30 Mar 2013

My boyfriend is a geek but I love him

Saturday 30 March (Evening)

So it's the end of Saturday and as you will know from my earlier post today has been really tough. 

Sami has been his usual sweet and caring self and looked after me all day.  He even cancelled on his friends to stay with me (I did try and encourage him to go out but he insisted). 

I've been in bed all day but I managed get up and come to the living room for dinner (I got my sausages, Sami very kindly went and bought some on his way back from doing a quick job).  After dinner we sat on the sofa and snuggled whilst Sami watched Doctor Who.  I HATE Doctor Who.  In fact, I hate all fantasy shite.  Why do I go out with such a geek?  

After Doctor shite, we watched G.I Joe (well only a bit) THEN I found I was watching Star Fek, sorry Trek.  STAR TREK??? Weirdos in space, talking in gobble-de-gook???? What has my life come to - watching weirdos in space on a Saturday night?  

However, I allowed this to happen because if it wasn't for me and my illness then Sami would have been out with mates, I can at least give him the remote.

I think the old 'give em and inch and they take a mile' saying comes into play now though as we are currently watching Match of the Gay.  I mean Day.  Yep an hour of football highlights.  That's why I decided to get the laptop out and have a whinge about it.  

What is it with men and the TV control anyway? (Sami just read that and said 'yeah it's my control')  I am never allowed to watch my programs such as Come Dine With Me or Keeping up with the Kardashians.  and on the rare occasion I am, he sits next to me complaining the whole time.  
'Listen to her whiney voice'  
'Why are you watching these morons?' 
'They talk so much rubbish'
'These programs make you stupid'

Grrrrr! I just fecking sat and watched an hour of Star Trek - a man with an egg for a face saying, 'oooh tat en tot' and a woman called whoregun with the most shocking hair (obviously before GHD's) you've ever seen. I think The Kardashians with their whiney voices is much better than Star Trek!

Ah well, He is a geek but I do love him (kind of looks like the weirdo from space above as well) =0) xxxx

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