30 Mar 2013

You deteriorate overnight

Saturday 30 March 2013

So after a good day on Thursday, I got home and the pain in my ear just got worse and worse to the point where I was in tears.  Sami took me down to the GP and she said my ears were fine but my tonsils are filled with puss and rather swollen, she said it was most definitely tonsillitis.  Great.   That's my Easter weekend ruined.  We came home, Sami cooked for me and we just had a nice chilled evening.

Yesterday I woke up and felt like shiiiiiiiit, I wanted to stay in bed but we had lunch planned at Sami's mums and I was really looking forward to it so didn't wanna miss out.  

We had a lovely day with all the family and we met Sami's cousin's baby, little Harriet. She is so beautiful!  Sami had a hold and looked very comfortable (for the first time ever) with a baby - it made me feel very broody indeed!  I've been broody since I was about 13!

Sami's cousin said I looked really well, I lol'd and he said, 'No matter how ill you are, you never look unwell'.  That was nice, at least I didn't look like shit.  

Chris's (Sami's mums partner) daughter said my skin is flawless.  I walked in and she said, 'Your skin is amazing, it looks completely flawless'.  After feeling a bit embarrassed (I'm not good with compliments) I told her it's not my skin, it's Estee Lauder.  I can't recommend Estee Lauder products enough.  Without them I am dog rough.  Trust me if she'd have seen me two hours before she'd have said 'what is up with your face?' or as my darling boyfriend once said in the morning 'You deteriorate overnight'.  Thanks, I love you too. x

Right now I'm in bed - it's 20 past 6 on a Saturday evening and I'm in friggin bed.  I should be getting ready to go out on the town with my friend Claire but no, I'm literally stuck in bed.  I woke up this morning after a very early night yesterday to find that I couldn't put any weight on my knees. I had to crawl to the bathroom.  How dignified! After my little crawl, I got back into bed where I've stayed all day.  My ears and throat are agony and I just feel exhausted, I've been in and out of sleep all day.

My eyes are a little red as I've cried quite a lot today.  I was so looking forward to getting dressed up and having a night out but even though I want to, I can't.  Unless of course we go on a literal bar crawl?  Not really acceptable to crawl around London Town is it?  Maybe after 2am...

Sami was supposed to be going out with a couple of friends too but he has insisted on staying here with me.  I told him I don't mind but he said he wants to stay here.  I think he worries.  Well I know he worries.  I don't want him to but I guess he can't help it and he said to me 'Imagine if I didn't worry about you'.  That would be worse!

I'm not in a good way today at all.  I had a little tantrum earlier because I didn't want soup.  I wanted sausages for dinner not soup.  Sami looked at me like what the fuck are you doing?  I just went a bit mad.  It wasn't about the soup though, it was about being 27 and instead of having the time of my life, I'm stuck in bed and the only way I can go to the loo is by crawling there!  FFS.  

I do feel a little bit better now though.  Sometimes you've just got to let out, even if your boyfriend looks at you like you're some sort of maniac. He gave me a big hug and he said, I miss the old Faye.  I'm looking forward to giving up work.  He wants me back, I'm really not me at the moment.  I'll get there - it's just been a particularly hard week.

I'm looking forward to my break once I've left my job.  It feels more needed than ever at the moment.  Only a month to go. 

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