19 Mar 2013

How to cope with a Chronic Illness...

1)   Buy shoes.  The worse you feel the more expensive the shoes.  Plus if you are like me and your weight fluctuates as a result of your illness/medication then shoes won't let you down.  They always fit.  Unless you become obese in which case stick to handbags.  

2)     Eat chocolate.

3)     Drink wine (unless of course it interacts with your medication)

4)   Get lots of hugs from a good hugger.  Not any old hugs.  They have to be a good hugger.  A good hugger means it.... When you receive one, you will know.  You just do.

Best hugger in the world....

5)     If you feel down – cry!  It’s ok to cry. 

6)   If there are chores to be done and you can’t manage them, leave them.  So what.    Who cares? The hoovering can wait until tomorrow.  Just chill your boots.

7)   Don’t take any shit from anyone.  If you can’t go to work or meet up with friends because you’re too ill/tired then don’t.  No one can judge you and those that do, well tell them to go back to Douche Bagastan.

8)  Be firm with doctors.  If you are unhappy about any aspect of your treatment tell them.

9)  Talk to someone/talk to me.  Get it off your chest.  If people think you’re moaning screw ‘em! They don’t know how it feels. Your true loved ones will always be there for you and anyone else can just do one.  We aint got time for that!

10) There is no number 10 but it seemed weird to have 9 tips.  It has to be 10 really.  Hmm… SMILE! =) 
SMILE through your pain.  SMILE at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're amazing because you really are. =0)

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