18 Mar 2013

I eat my potatoes and drink away my pain

Monday 18th March.

Well it's been another interesting few days with the ol' lupus.

I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat...it got worse and worse and I could barely speak.  I left work and went to the doc as it's important to treat infections promptly when you have lupus.  The doc confirmed a throat infection and a high temperature.  He told me I HAVE got to rest, no excuses.  He then said he is quite concerned as I have been unwell since Christmas. He thinks I have been experiencing a huge flare up and has sent me for some blood tests (12 to precise).  He wants to check my organs as the Lupus is very active at the moment....Great.  

I texted my boss to ask for Friday as holiday as I'd already booked Monday (today) off so that way I'd have four days rest.  Don't want to go back tomorrow. =(

I had today booked off as I'd planned a big night out on Saturday with the bestie we were gonna rave it up till dawn but obviously I had to cancel.  I didn't want to but thought I should.  I just had her and her fella round for dinner instead.  We had a boomting roast lamb. I called it a 'roast lamb party' and they said it was the best roast lamb party they'd ever been to! 

The Roast Lamb...I called him Derek.

On Friday Sami and I were supposed to be going out for a meal but Sami thought it best we stay in (I was up for going but he said no) so we had a 'date night' indoors and I put my new dress and shoes on anyway. Dressing up always makes me feel better.  If I'm mashed up on the inside then at least it don't show on the outside.

My new dress and pretty shoes.  I love shoes.  They make me happy.

Yesterday we had a roast dinner round at his dads, it was lovely.  I love eating.

As it was paddy's day yesterday I decided to listen to a selection of Irish songs and one had the lyrics 'I'm a good irish girl - I eat my potatoes and drink away my pain'.  That is actually me.  I'd rather have a glass of wine than take painkillers.  Although my idea of a Happy Meal is a creme egg, a bottle of wine and a stash of co-codomol.

Eating my potatoes and drinking away my pain...

I said to Sami in the morning - as it's paddy's day we have to sing Irish songs....so he belts out c'est la vie by bewitched.  Brilliant.


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