18 Mar 2013

You know you're irish when the cure for everything is flat lemonade

 Wednesday 6th March

Well today was a good day.  The little feck that is lupus was having a day off.

I walked all the way to work (45min walk) which is really good for me because as well as having lupus, I am very lazy so the two together can be quite catastrophic.

Anyways so I bopped to work for the first time in donkeys and it was generally a good day.  No complaints here.

Yesterday was different.  Yesterday was a wankface.  Omg i'm getting annoyed thinking about it.  I went to Sainsburys on my way home to get some dinner (prawn and pinapple curry, recipe below) so I got there in 20 mins, had a little shop, left and went to the bus stop where I waited for 45 minutes in the cold for the friggin 54. (it would have taken 20 mins to walk home but my laziness got the better of me.  So I'm on the bus when my shitey, thin and good for nothing sainsburys carrier bag split, shopping everywhere.  Luckily and very randomly i had a spare one in my handbag - no idea why, i'm very weird like that) so i put all me shopping in the new one whilst everyone on the bus just looks at you with blank expressions.  The bus ended up taking a year to get to my stop because there were stupid temp traffic lights, plus there were two screeching babies.  I was not happy.  I was contemplating committing some sort of crime by this point.  GBH, manslaughter, vandalism or all of the above.  I got home at 7.10 which is ridiculous considering I left sainsburys at 5.45pm.  I'd also like to add that I'm currently on steroids for the lupus flare and they do not help with anger.  I am like The incredible (and tiny) Hulk.  The only explanation I can come up with is that  someone out there has a voodoo doll of me.  It's literally the ONLY explanation.

But today, today was fine.  Although I'm feeling a bit sick,  I think its all the tablets i'm having to take.  Oh well, a glass of flat lemonade it is then.

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