4 Apr 2013

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!

Thursday 4 April 2013

So last night was OK(ish) the rash on my back and chest was really sore and it spread up to my neck too.  Other than the rash and still having ear pain I'm feeling aright.  Which feels weird.

I did however have to come to work half an hour later than usual as I woke up with really stiff hands, it was agony bending my fingers so I just stayed in bed a bit longer.  If I’m honest with myself I shouldn’t have come in today at all.  I’m done for the week. I’m here, but I’m not REALLY here.  Here in body but not in mind.

I was being a bit pathetic last night.  Sami was at football so I was in on my own feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I wanted some sympathy and I’d already got some off my Mum so I texted my Dad saying, “Look at my rash – it’s so sore.” Dad replied, ‘Oh dear, looks very sore. Poor baby xxxx.’ 
Worked a treat – ya can’t beat a bit of ‘Daddy Sympathy’.

I have some exciting news for you – 
I have been asked to contribute my story about living with lupus to a book for a Lupus charity in Ireland.  They read my blog and asked if I’d like to do it so obviously I said yes.  Well I said, ‘Hell yes!’ 

The purpose of me writing this blog was to raise awareness for this shite disease so to be able to put my story in a book, well that’s amazing.  I really want to help others with this illness and I want to show people that although it’s shite you can still live a good life.  Life is what you make of it after all.

I’m hoping I continue to feel alright into the weekend…It would be so nice to actually enjoy it rather than wallowing in self pity, lying in bed crying like a d ouche.

Here’s hoping! Cheers to the feakin’ weekend!

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