16 Apr 2013

I am one lucky little ladaaay

I believe I am very lucky...Even more so after talking to other people with Lupus.  I do not suffer half of what some lupies go through and I am so fortunate to have wonderful, supportive friends and family.

I count my blessings everyday and I have many....

Sometimes I write my blog and I think to myself, "Wow I am one moany old bitch today" Yet there are people out there with terminal illnesses, people in a lot more pain than I am, there are children starving, people living in absolute poverty and here I am moaning about joint pain....Yes sometimes it is awful and I get depressed but really I am lucky.

Today it has really hit home how lucky I am and I am going to appreciate every second of my life, even the times when I am too unwell to move, at least I'm here, at least I have loving friends, family and an amazing boyfriend.

Life is hard for all of us, we all have battles to fight and challenges to face, it's how we deal with them that matters.

So everyday I want everyone who has read this to sit down and take 5 minutes to think about why you are lucky and what you are grateful for....Go!

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