5 Apr 2013

Lupus & Fatigue Part II

Friday 5 April 2013 - AM

Well, if you saw yesterday's post titled 'Lupus and Fatigue/Exhaustion/Tiredness' you will know that for me, the fatigue that Lupus causes is my most distressing symptom of the disease (even worse than the pain). I hate the word 'disease' it makes me feel like I've got the lergies or something and people will run away from me in the street yelling, 'Ewww, that lady has the lergie!!!'

I was fine all day yesterday until I got home and I felt KNACKERED.  Sami had to cook dinner (and he's got man flu, wow man flu is a bitch isn't it?)  I usually love cooking but I just didn't have the energy plus I felt so tired I was worried about hurting myself.

I spent the evening on the sofa gormless and in and out of sleep whilst Sami watched football (sniveling and feeling very sorry for himself).  Anyways - Yes! MORE football.  Sami plays every Monday and Wednesday (which is fine) but he had the Barcelona game on the TV on Tuesday and then the Spurs game was on last night!  I told him he better take me out somewhere nice to make up for it.  He says, 'Ok, where would you like to go?'  I replied 'Oooh yey! Can you take me up The Shard?'  He absolutely laughed his head off. =0(
I meant taking me to the top of the newest landmark building in London! Tut.

Anyway enough about euphemisms and back to me - so as I was saying, the fatigue hits you like a herd of crazy (and massive) elephants.  Sometimes you're fine all day and then BAM! You can't stay awake/think properly/keep your eyes open.  Other times I feel knackered for weeks and NOTHING will make it better. Apart from shoes, particularly Jimmy Choos (Sami take note)

Yesterday it was BAM! Time for bed!  Unfortunately I only made it as far as the living room floor...

Apparently it looked as comfy as my bed.

Although I look a slightly dead I promise I'm not.

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