11 Apr 2013

Things that make me happy

Cuddles with Sami

My family and friends (they make me smile everyday)

A bright sunshiney day (even though I can’t bask in the sun anymore, a bright day is still better than a grey one
Sparkly things

Singing Birdies
Small dogs – especially pugs and Boo the dog

Hot Baths

Cooking up something real tasty
Eating out with Sami
Eating in general

Getting dressed up and going out with friends
A new dress
New Shoes

Having my hair done/being pampered
Estee Lauder make-up (makes a BIG difference)
Taking pics of myself (yeah I admit it)

Newly shaved legs – can’t beat the smoothness
Fresh bed sheets

My slipper boots and pug pj’s
My hot water bottle
Come Dine With Me marathons on a Sunday (this is a British TV Programme)
Romantic surprises (hint, hint Sami)
Days where I am not in agony and I can go outside and enjoy the world

When you are feeling really low, sit down, get a notepad and write down all the things that make you happy... You see even when you have a lot of shite to deal with you can still find ways to smile.

And if you really can't muster up a smile - cry.  It's OK. xxxXxxx



  1. You are too cute! my blog is always so bitter And You are right there are little things that make me happy even when I am in pain. You look fabulous by the Way- which reminds me of the thing that makes me unhappy : prednisone Weight gain!

  2. Aww thanks claudia. I'm currently on high dose of pred so am a bit larger than in these pics. It sucks arse!!! But I find it helps to think of all the little things. Don't get me wrong I have my bitter days but I find it easier to try not to. I'm sure there will be future posts where I am not in such good spirits but hey that's life!!!! I'll def take a look at ur blog xxx thanks for reading mine