11 Apr 2013

Lupus Can Kiss My (slightly larger than normal due to steroids) Ass!

Thursday 11 April

Well after my latest stint in bed (like an old bint, mmm I shall call it a bint stint from now on)   I was able to go to work today... It was fine but now I am very tired, I'm barely keeping my eyes open.

Somehow I managed to walk into Beckenham from work (20 min walk).  God knows how I didn't wander off/get injured because I was not with it. I popped into our local supermarket to get some bits for dinner and luckily Sami was driving past so I got a lift the rest of the way home. Oh, I nearly did get injured - some crazy old tramp tried to take my shopping bag - I politely told him to get the hell off me and he ran away! Good times.

I've got plans this weekend. Actual, real life plans! My bestie is coming over tomorrow for dinner, vino and wedding planage (so exciting! My best friend is getting married! And she will basically let me plan it all.  I love organising stuff!) OMG I'm gonna get files, mood boards, cut outs from mags the whole lot! AAAAHHH!

On Saturday I'm hoping to go to a new Turkish Restaurant with Sami - we love Turkish food, well I think I love it more than Sami and he's the half Turkish one! Boreks are my favourite thing ever!  They are little filo pastry rolls filled with feta cheese and parsley and OHMYGOD I love them.  If I eat them as much as I wanted to I would be a beast.

I am very excited about this and have even planned my outfit so fingers crossed Lupus lies low for a while.  I've decided I'm not Lupus' Bitch anymore.  Lupus is MY Bitch and it will not get in the way of me and my boreks.  Nu-uh, no way (clicks fingers and shakes head)

So Lupus - Kiss My Ass

Excuse the floral PJ's...I know they are so hot.


  1. Haha thanks claudia - got to laugh or I will cry! Xxx

  2. We need t-shirts saying "Eff Lupus"

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