6 Apr 2013

Evil Fairies

Saturday 6 April 2013

Well today has been a load of cockwaffle.

Was fine all day at work yesterday until around 4pm when I got a searing pain across the front of my head.  I thought I was going to have to go home but as I only had an hour left I thought I'd just power through like the superwoman that I am.  Or maybe I'm just a twat.

Got home and had a nice chilled evening with Sami, we had an amazing rack of lamb with a pea and mint stuffing, potatoes and veg and a glass or two of rouge.  It was lovely.  We were boring and went to bed early as we both felt knackered.

Woke up this morning, felt fine - I was like 'YES! I feel normal!  So I made us breakfast - poached eggs on English muffins, mmmmmmmmm, radio full blast, singing and dancing round the kitchen...Then I was done for the day.  All my energy was zapped out of me by the evil energy stealing fairies. Bitches they are.

I had no choice but to get back into bed (about an hour after getting out of it).  I put the telly on and within 2 minutes I was fast asleep, dribbling all over the pillow.  This was at about 2pm.  I woke up about 4 hours later, had dinner and fell asleep again, its now 11pm and I'm just awake enough to write this but the old lupus aches are coming on now.  I feel like I've done a 20 mile run. Not that I've ever ran 20 miles in my life.

Brain is not functioning today.  I ran Sami a bath after cooking breakfast and for some mad reason I pulled the plug out.  Sami said that's the definition of mean - enticing him with a nice warm bath then he gets the bathroom and its empty!  I felt terrible! I said, 'Sorry, brain not on today'. Bloody lupus brain fog.

Sami is the best though, he cooked us dinner and has made me eat chocolate to cheer me up.  Even though he has man-flu.  He is an actual real life Angel.  Mmmm Cadbury Creme Egg....I would marry one of these bad boys....

So another Saturday has been spent lying in bed too exhausted to move.  I'll go to work on Monday and they'll say, 'Hey Faye, how was your weekend' and I'll be like,  'Yeah I spent it in bed'.  God I cannot wait to leave and get some kind of life back.  All I do at the moment is go to work, come home and sleep then at the weekends the week at work has done me in so I spend those sleeping too, then I get my energy back and its time for work again.

I was supposed to see my Friend Lexie this evening but I had to cancel as I haven't been able to stay awake for more than half an hour.  II'm like some sort of narcoleptic.  

I also had an offer to go out to a few bars with a couple of friends but again I had to say no because I'm not bloody well enough.   This hurts me a lot because I love getting all dressed up and having a good night out.

This really does suck arse.  Big, fat, hairy, old man arses.

Here I am - 'wallowing' in one of my rare awake moments.  No smiles today.  Fed up and bored of it all now.

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