20 May 2013

Champagne Hangover

I have had such a fantastic weekend! Sami's mum secretly got married last month and they had a wedding celebration meal at a restaurant called Chapter 1.  It was wonderful, the food was amazing and it was so lovely to have something nice to celebrate.  I hadn't mentioned it before as I wasn't sure if I was allowed to blog about it as it was all a secret but Sami's sister Ela said it was fine.

I try not to talk about Sami's family too much as I didn't want anyone to be annoyed or unhappy as I know some people are more private than others.  I'd never say anything bad about any of them so I'm sure they won't mind anything I have to say.  I don't really talk about my Mum and Dad either as they are quite private.  My Dad absolutely hates facebook.  If you just mention it he  goes off on a crazy rant.  He hates the idea of people know what you're up to.  Haha I'm so the opposite! I tell everyone everything!

Check out this amazing bag my mum lent me for the wedding meal:

My Mum and I share a lot of things such as shoes and bags - we've got the same size feet and she's very stylish so it's very handy! We used to share clothes but I'm a few sizes bigger than her now so sadly I can't =0(

I met my friend Lexie's boyfriend on Friday, he's really sweet and they make a nice couple.  We went out to a pub in Westerham and had a burger and some wine, it was a lovely evening.  Then I woke up on Saturday in AGONY. I actually couldn't walk.  My hip felt like it was broken, it was so painful.  I woke up feeling fine then after 2 hours I was in agony and unable to move.  How weird.  I still can't get over how suddenly this lupus shit comes on.  You wake up feeling fine then 2 hours later you've cancelled your plans and your stuck in bed.  I was supposed to have my mum and dad over for dinner.  I was really annoyed.  I hate it when Lupus gets in the way of my plans.

I was worried about not being able to make the wedding meal yesterday but luckily I felt ok.  I was rough first thing but then I had a hot bath and felt a lot better.  I drank a lot of champagne as well.  Oh wow I am suffering today.  I'm at work as well,  I wish I was in my bed!

I'll get some photo's of the wedding celebration meal and put them on my next post.  I felt like shit so I doubt the photo's of me are any good.  I just felt really podgy....I've eaten out every day this week and I can feel the extra pounds around my ass and face.  Ela was the photographer so I made sure she deleted the worst ones of me!

Sami's cousin Tim and his wife Charlie were there yesterday with their 15 week old baby girl.  She's so lovely.  I had a nice cuddle with her.  Sami was coo-ing over her and it made me want one!  It made me feel very broody indeed.
I know his family are keen for us to get married and have babies but I'm definitely not ready for a baby just yet.  I love them and I say oh I want one but I'm not ready just yet.  I feel like Sami and I need a few more holidays just us and I want him to myself for a bit longer.  I mean, if I accidentally fell pregnant I wouldn't be unhappy but I'd rather get married first and do it all properly.  I know that's what Sami wants too.

Anyway so apart from having a champagne hangover I'm feeling fine today.  

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