15 May 2013

Patience is a virtue

Wednesday 15 May 2013 

So I'm at work today - doing today, tomorrow and Friday (I need some shoe money) and I'm not coping.  I'm finding training my replacement excruciating.  I'm not the most patient person in the world but wow this is really putting it to the test.  I don''t want to be mean so I'll leave it there but if I had a gun someone would be shot today.

Lupus wise I'm feeling good.   No pain, tiredness etc  - I'm having a very rare day off.  Yesterday was pretty horrendous so I think I deserve a break.  I had one funky nights sleep though - kept having these weird dreams where I couldn't move.

I'm off out with my friend Jimmy later, going to a nice local restaurant for some grub (and a MASSIVE glass of wine).  We met through a reading group for adult learners and I taught him how to read.  I don't volunteer there any more but we've stayed in touch.  He is so lovely and I'd like to get back into volunteering if my health improves and allows me to.  I'm hoping when I finish work completely I will be able to get back into it as I'll have some spare time.

I've not got much else to say today as I can't really complain about aching joints etc.  My freakin head aches though! Arrrgh! I'm so close to throwing a computer out of the window or something.  Y'know one of those days?

Thursday 16 May 

Today has been much the same as yesterday - stressful at work but lupus wise I'm good!

Dinner was fab last night - I always enjoy Jimmy's company.  We had a massive pizza at Zizzi's, wine and I had a desert which I don't usually do (I felt so naughty) but it was lovely.

I think I might be staying on at work longer than I intended as we are not sure things are working out with the new lady....so its back to square one.  Got to put the advert out again and train someone else up.  Oh well at least I can come in as and when suits me and I get some money.  Once she's gone it won't be nearly as stressful so I'll enjoy working here again!

I got a lovely message from a fellow lupie today to say that I have inspired her to blog.  That really means a lot to me.  She said,  'You have no idea how much you've helped me' how sweet is that? That really made me happy this morning.  I haven't actually read it yet but I will take a look later.  I just wanted other people with Lupus to know they're not alone as that is how I felt for quite a long time as no one I know has Lupus and most people hadn't even heard of it so you do feel quite lonely really.  I've made lots of new lupie friends now though and we all message each other quite a lot so its nice.  I'm glad I decided to start this blog! It's been an amazing experience.

Friday 17th May

Another good day for me today! Where has lupus gone? 6 months of hell and now 3 good days in a row! WOW! LUUUPPPPUUUS WHERE ARREEEE YOOOOU?? Don't fucking come back.

Today is quite sad, I've basically ended a friendship with someone I was once really close to.  When you go through something awful like Lupus it does make you realise who your REAL friends are.  So I'm just not going to waste time any more.  I feel sad about it but I can't be friends with people that don't care, or if they do care that don't show they care.

I'm off out to see my friend Lexie later and I'm meeting her new boyfriend (exciting).  I'm a bit hungover though as I went round to my friend Amy's house for dinner last night and 2 bottles of wine later I got home about 12am.  So I'l probs be on the lemonade tonight.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. You my friend have helped me! And help with not just the blogging and Lupus, but helped me not feel so guilty about feeling bad. Because we REALLY do feel bad! Have a fab weekend!