9 Jun 2013

Champagne and Pain

Sunday 9 June 2013

I've had an OK week. Bit up and down. I went to work Tuesday and Wednesday then spent all of Thursday in bed. I Went out with my best mate, Sil after work on Wednesday for a few beers was nice to catch up but Thursday was bad. I literally slept for the whole day.  I think I'm going to have to stop working all together now as it effects me too much. 2 days at work put me on my back! 

So Friday I was in a lot of pain all day. I couldn't really straighten my arms, it felt like my biceps were swollen.  We had Sami's mum and husband over for dinner and I was close to cancelling but we haven't had them over for ages so I didn't want to cancel and then it be ages again and I actually felt a lot better by the evening. Sami and I got the champers out to toast their recent wedding so that was nice.  

It was Sami's nephews 2nd birthday on Friday and I didn't get a chance to go and see him but Sami popped in on his way home from work. We bought him a sandpit so I hope he enjoys it.  He is adorable.  I felt really bad not seeing him but I was in bed most of the day and then I had to cook.  I feel like a bad auntie!

The dinner was a disaster! I'm usually quite a good cook but I really effed it up on Friday. I'm not with it at all lately. The brain fog has been pretty awful, I'm actually a little bit scared. I've got my hospital appointment tomorrow so I'll chat with the doc about it.  He sent me for an MRI scan last time I had bad brain fog so I'm sort of hoping I don't have to go for another one. I did not enjoy it! I felt really claustrophobic and nearly had a panic attack.  

We went out to a Turkish restaurant last night and then on to a bar to meet up with Sami's football friends. Then we went on to a club. It was Sami, me, Sil and Michael, Lexie, Tom and Joe, Graham and Claire. We had a good night apart from me getting started on by 3 different people. 

Wow, bitches be crazy. One girl barged me on purpose with her elbow and it was hard, I turned around and smiled at her and she smiled back. What a douche. Then I was wearing a guys hat just being drunk and everyone was passing it around then this woman who I assume was his wife pulled the hat off my head (along with some hair) and stormed off. What the hell? Sami told me I wasn't allowed to say anything to her because he didn't want an argument and she was with some of his friends so I just left it and she was clearly mental anyway.  Afterwards we went on to a club and I noticed so many girls just seem so angry. Lexie and I were in the toilets and this girl started shouting at us asking, 'What the fuck are you looking at?' I managed to diffuse the situation but bloody hell! I'm not sure what was going on last night but wow I've never experienced so many angry people. We went home shortly after and I was glad to be honest. When I go out I like to have a good time I don't get people that go out and start fights? Why would you do that? Idiots. 

Here's Sami with the belly dancer in the restaurant....

He was so enthusiastic he managed to pop a button on his shirt! 

So now I'm just chilling in bed. I'm feeling quite good apart from these dizzy spells I keep having. I'm just going to chill out today and relax. Sami's gone to his Dads and as much as I want to see them I decided to stay in bed. I can barely stay awake today I'm so knackered! 

Lexie and I yesterday, ready to go out on the town...

I'm looking forward to my hospital appointment tomorrow. I've kept a lupus diary since my last appointment and I read it yesterday and it is seriously depressing. Oh my god my life is not fun. I have pain every single day. Some worse than others but feck me when you see it on paper its awful. Somehow I cope. No idea how! I guess having such great friends, family and a Sami keeps me going. 

I really hope the doc will figure out some new medication for me that will reduce the amount of flare ups I've been having. Here's hoping!!

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