24 Jun 2013

No Carbs My Ass!

Friday 21st June 1013

Well the no carbs diet didn't last long (1 hour to be precise) - Sami and I went to our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner last night and I had 3 courses! Lol! I had a Caprese salad to start, haddock wrapped in parma ham for my main and a tiramasu for desert.  BAD FAYE! Oh well feck it I don't care.  I'm in pain  all the time so I've got to enjoy myself somehow and eating is one of my favourite things to do.  Oh, I also had a white wine spritzer.  Never mind.  I did go for a 40 minute walk to my parents house beforehand though so I did kind of earn it.  I went to see my Dad to give him his Father's Day card (only 4 days late) and Sami picked me up on his way from work and we decided we couldn't be bothered to cook so went to Risto instead.

I've got my ex work colleagues Megan and Lexie coming to stay today, they're going to come over around 2pm and we are going to have a girly/pamper/Disney DVD day.  So excited.  I've put some champagne in the fridge too as it was Megan's birthday on Tuesday.  Will be nice to have some girly company.  Sami's on his annual summer outing with work and he's going for drinks after so we've got the flat to ourselves for a few hours.

Lexie, Megan and Me....This was taken about a year ago on a night out.  Not sure what was so funny!

Its Tonya's birthday today (Sami's sister in law) I was going to pop around about 12 but she's going out to see her Nan so we'll go and see her tomorrow.  I haven't seen her for ages.  Its hard because when I'm really unwell like I have been the past couple of weeks I can't really go anywhere or see anyone and then on the odd day I do feel well I have to try and fit everyone in! Yesterday I was feeling good in the afternoon so went and saw my Dad but didn't get a chance to see anyone else.  There are so many things illness restricts you from doing.  I never knew my illness would be so debilitating.  Oh well just make the most of the good days I suppose.

Sami's sister, Ela is officially a home owner today! Ela and David have bought their first home together.  I am so pleased for them and I hope they have many happy years in their new home. xxxxx

Right I need to tidy up a bit before the girls come round.  Will fill you all in on the rest of the weekend on Monday.  Bye for now xxx

Monday 24th June 2013

Friday was lovely - was so nice to catch up with the girls.  Megan lives in Reading so Lexie and I don't see her that often.  We had such a laugh and ended up dancing from about 11pm till 1am! Good times.

Unfortunately it all went wrong the next day, I woke up at about 7am and had to run to the toilet where I was violently sick. After about half an hour I went back to bed and Lexie said she'd woken up about half an hour before and was ill too! Megan was fine luckily but Lexie and I were really unwell. We just laid on the floor in the living room for about 4 hours in a right state. It was bad! Megan left about 11am and Lexie stayed on the floor until about 3pm.  We could barely move.  I have no idea what caused us to be so sick but I think it was a dodgy batch of sausage rolls or perhaps we just eat and drank too much and all the dancing probably didn't help! Never mind.  I've lost the half a stone I wanted to so I guess it's not all bad.

I was supposed to go out for Tonya's birthday in the evening but I was just too exhausted. I had an early night and woke up Sunday feeling pretty awful. I had stomach cramps and my body was aching. I'm actually laughing because my luck is so bad!! As if I need this on top of everything else. 

I spent all of Sunday day time lying on the couch watching the Sex and the City boxset feeling a bit sorry for myself and in the evening Sami and I went to see Ela and David in their newly purchased home. Its lovely. I can't believe they've bought a house! So excited for them. We had a little celebratory glass of champagne and a Thai takeaway for dinner. Was yum, I eat loads! It felt like my stomach was completely empty! We saw Emrah, Tonya and Em-J briefly - they were leaving as we arrived. I miss Em-J! I haven't seen him since before his 2nd birthday on 7th June! Bad auntie Faye! Will have to pop in this week and spend some time with him. 

Its Monday now and I've woken up feeling pretty shite. My stomach is fine but I'm aching like hell. I wonder if its because my medication is out of my system after being so sick on Saturday? Well either way I'm feeling awful! Its times like these I thank God I don't have to get up and go to work. Giving up work is probably one of the best things I've ever done. I really hope one day I can go back to work but for now I think its the right thing to do. 

I usually have a plan for the day but today I am just going to relax and learn Turkish - I've got a book and an audio book on my Ipod so I shall sit here and listen to that and do sweet FA.. My muscles are aching so much so I'm going to listen to my body and chill out. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better tomorrow and I can do some exercise.  I'm going to Sami's Mum's house tomorrow to have my hair hi-lited so I could walk there. I'll see how I feel. 

I've finished watching the Sex and the City boxset now and I feel really sad! I miss those sluts! It feels really weird. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my time now? I'll have to find a new boxset to watch. Suggestions welcome....

Miss you guys
So to sum up my weekend I had fun but I was really sick and now I'm dealing with the aftermath. I bet you wish you were me? Haha NOT! I don't mean to sound moany but I really do hope something good happens to me soon.

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