3 Jul 2013

I'm disabled!

Hi, remember me? Its been a while for which I do apologise...I'll be totes honest and tell you I just couldn't be bothered to write.  I've had a bit of 'writers block' or is it just lazy-itis? I'm not sure but either way I couldn't be arsed.  So here's whats been occurring since my last post on Friday....

Thankfully I was feeling alright on Saturday and I had a brilliant night out (I had a good, long party nap beforehand) with Lexie, her friend Lois, her sister Nicole and Nicole's friend Hannah.  We went to a really fun Turkish restaurant.  They had a band on, a belly dancer and then a DJ until 2am.  I eat sooo much food, drank rather a lot of wine and danced for hours.  The waiters do not let you sit down and pull you on to the dance floor (not that I need much encouragement) I danced with one waiter who decided to lift me up and spin me upside down! I was not amused as I was wearing a playsuit.  It was funny though.  We pretended it was my birthday and got a free champagne cocktail each ;0)

Lois, Lexie and Me


I stayed at Lexie's house as she lives closer to the restaurant (the fabulous wallpaper is in Lexie's bedroom) and on Sunday morning we went to McDonalds.  It was AMAZING.  I can't remember the last time I had McDonalds. Mmmmmmm best hangover food ever.

After Maccy D's, Lexie dropped me home and Sami and I visited his Dad and Christine for an hour or so then we popped in to Sami's Mums and ended up having an impromptu BBQ.  The weather was lovely so we really enjoyed sitting out in the garden (Sami and I live in a flat with no garden so this was a real luxury) of course I had lots of sunscreen on.  After the BBQ we went to see Sami's brother and his wife (Emrah and Tonya) and of course Em-J (Sami's nephew) we spent a couple of hours there which was nice as we haven't seen them for a while.  Luckily all of Sami's family live in Bromley so they are all close by.  After our rather busy Sunday we got home and crashed out.

I missed Sami on Saturday night.  It was lovely to spend the evening out with Lexie and Co but I did miss him, we don't really spend that much time apart so it does feel weird.  I don't think we've had a whole night apart this year! 

It will be our 6 year anniversary in September.  I can't believe it.  Sami really has been my rock, he has stood by me through so much.  I still feel like we are in our honeymoon period, I love him so much and still get butterflies.  All together now 'AAAAHHHHH' OK, OK enough of all that soppy stuff now.

I woke up Monday feeling OK.  My new tablets are still making me feel very groggy in the mornings so I just had a chilled day.  I did a bit of housework and had Sami's dinner on the the table when he came home so all in all a good day!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was completely different.  I felt like absolute SHITE! I couldn't seem to wake up and spent most of the day in and out of sleep and when I was awake I was in agony.  I didn't get out of bed until 4pm - how bad is that? Very frustrating after having 3 good days.  

Sami did bring this home though, which cheered me up a lot - like a little ray of sunshine....

He also cooked dinner for me and our friend Tom.  He did a fabulous chicken curry and we chilled on the couch watching Die Hard.  Bloody love Die Hard.

Today is not as bad as yesterday but I'm not feeling great.  My body feels like it's been through a mangle....

Now I know where the term 'mangled' comes from.

Sami and I had planned to go over to Emrah and Tonya's for dinner this evening but I've sent Tonya a message to say I'm not up to it.  When I feel like this I just need to rest and I do find I feel better quicker than if I try and do too much.  Thankfully Tonya is understanding and doesn't mind.  I'm lucky that all my friends and family are so understanding.  The ones that weren't aren't my friends anymore! I don't muck around.  If people haven't got time for me, I don't have time for them.  It's that simple.

I have some very good news - I'm officially disabled! I am pleased to announce I am now going to be receiving Disability Living Allowance.  I can't believe my case has been accepted.  I know it can be very hard for people with Lupus to get DLA so I really thought I'd be rejected and have to appeal.  Its something I've been worrying about since April so I can relax now in the knowledge that I will have my own money and not have to rely on Sami so much.

I'm gonna have a little moan about something; next door are having a new kitchen put in and for the last 3 days all I've heard all day fecking long is banging, drilling, sawing and more drilling.  It's driving me mad - I'm supposed to be friggin' resting here! For feck fecking sake.  I understand people want to make home improvements but can't they do it when I'm out?  Its really ruining my sleeping plans, although yesterday I was THAT tired I managed to sleep through it.  It almost sounds like they are in my bedroom.  I want to live in a house in the countryside away from everything! Apart from birds, I like birds.

Right time for a bath and to think about tonight's dinner.  I like playing housewife - it's good fun, all I need now is a couple of kids and my life will be complete....Sami will be reading this and freaking out about that. LOOOOOL! 


  1. Glad you shared the news about your disability, Faye! The support you'd be getting would certainly bring ease on some parts of your life. :) How long did you have to bear the process before it was accepted again?

  2. Hi Erminia = sorry for late reply i've only just seen this - the whole process took about 3 months! Which felt like ages but I guess it wasn't that long in the grand scheme of things. xx