21 Aug 2013

Lupus 0-1 Faye

Wednesday 21st August - Too fabulous to let Lupus get me down!

Today was lovely, I met my Mum for lunch (because, y'know, we are ladies that lunch and all that) we had a lovely time.  We went to a local Turkish restaurant (Turkish food is my fave) where we had Turkish Pizza, boreks, Ezme salad and then we were naughty and had cake - it was goooooood.  I love eating.  And drinking.

I am very pleased to announce that The St Thomas' Lupus Trust are going to mention my blog in their next newsletter - this is really exciting for me because I want to reach out to as many lupies as I can as I know how lonely it can be.  

Here is a link to the St Thomas' Lupus Trust website - its a great website and has helped me more than a few times!!!


I've had a few messages from people recently saying that I've inspired them to do a blog (yey me!) and a few people have said that my positive attitude is inspiring.  I really appreciate comments like that and it really does mean a lot to me as it makes me think I must be doing something right. I really don't see myself as an inspiration, I'm just someone who has an illness and tries to lead the best life I can despite pain and shitness!! 

I want to reach out to people and say, 'yes, chronic illness is shite and it's ok to have a whinge about it from time to time but remember there is always something to be thankful for.'  I want people to realise that you can smile through pain and still have a good quality of life - of which I am living proof.

When I was first diagnosed all I could find was bleak information such as Lupus being fatal and I'd read blogs where people were so negative, I was petrified.  I thought ohmygod is this what I've got to look forward to? My life is over! I soon realised I needn't be terrified because luckily for me, I'm one of those annoying 'sunny' people.  My positive attitude has seen me through some seriously difficult times and I've learnt laughter really is the best medicine.  Don't get me wrong, I've had some extremely low times - I wouldn't  be human if I didn't but I always manage to pick myself up again, partly because I have an amazing support network around me but also because I have a word with myself and say 'C'mon girl, you can get through this.  You can't let this beat you' and somehow, from somewhere, I find the strength to pull myself together.  When I'm having a bad day, I do something nice like eat cake or dress up and this helps me to realise that life's not that bad after all. I want people to read my blog and feel positive, not terrified like I was.

If I didn't have Lupus and knew someone who did, I would look at them and think, 'how on Earth do you cope?' and I'm sure others think that about me but I think when it happens to you, you have no choice but to cope.  For me there is no other option..  I'm not prepared to lie down and say OK Lupus, you have beaten me.  I'm too fabulous to do that! 

Lupus is hard, being in pain pretty much all of the time sucks arse and I've never sugar coated that but I can't let it get me down or take over my life.  You have to accept it; accept the bad days but always remember there will be good days.  You have to learn to accept your new normal and after 3 years I have finally accepted these things and it feels good. 
Lupus 0-1 Faye

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