13 Aug 2013


Hi, remember me? I haven't blogged in a while, sorry I've just been sooooo tired. Almost like I've been hit with a tranquilizer dart....

I just tried to find a humourous picture of a bear with a tranquilizer dart in it's arse to put below here, but when I typed in Google 'funny tranquilzer pic' I got this:

Loooool - I dunno why but it cracked me up.

I've had a good week, went to the pub on Friday for a few gin and tonics, a 50th birthday party on Saturday where strangely I had a long chat with a friend of the family who might have Lupus. She's displaying all the symptoms and just from talking to her I can tell she's a fellow lupie. Obviously I don't want her to have lupus but she's desperate for the official diagnosis so hopefully she gets one soon. Sounds a weird thing to say but I remember being so relived when I finally got a diagnosis because you are assured its not all in your crazy head and you can move forward and get the treatment you need. Her mother in law also has lupus. It was weird to be in a room with other lupies. I've never known anyone else with it. Anyway I really wish her luck and hope she can get on the right path.

The party was good, it was nice to see some old faces and spend the evening with my Mum and Dad.

Mummy and Me:
 I love how tall I look! Bare in mind that I'm only 5ft!  Bless my lovely little Mummy.

And here is Sami and my Daddy, unfortunately in very similar shirts!

Sunday we had a takeaway round at Sami's dads (I'm supposed to be on a holiday/bridesmaid diet, bad Faye!) and yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with Sami's sister, Ela who is getting married in February. I'm a bridesmaid! Yey! So I'm Ela's bridesmaid in Feb and then my bestie's bridesmaid in May. I'm so excited. The wedding dress hunt was successful which was great considering it was Ela's first wedding dress shop. Ooooh so exciting.

Today I paid for my busy weekend - I woke up feeling like shite.  No actually, a squashed shite. I decided to stay in bed for a little longer and eventually rose from my pit of self pity at around ten.  After breakfast I decided to go down the road as I had a few bits to do. That was a mistake as I didn't have the energy to walk back home! I had to get a bus which felt a bit naughty considering its a ten minute walk. Never mind. I got home and barely had the energy to cook dinner but I managed it somehow  (insert sad violin music here). I got some sausages down the road in the village sausage shop and they weren't good in any way, shape or form. Well, they were good quality but I made a very poor choice - I got Mexican chili sausages with chocolate. I know, I know, why the feck did I get chocolate sausages??? Since when did chocolate go with sausages? Needless to say they didn't go down well. Sami has never once criticised my cooking but tonight he said, 'Errm please don't buy those again darling.' Whoops.  Oh well - you gotta give these things a go haven't ya? I tried them, we didn't like them, I won't buy them again.

Plans for rest of week are meeting Sami in the park by his office tomorrow for lunch with his sister in law (Tonya) and her little boy Em-J and Ela. I'm looking forward to it but then I'll probably be dead for the rest of the day and maybe Thursday so I won't make any plans just yet.

Did I tell you I'm currently in the throes of writing a book? By a book I just mean a little chick-lit beach read. I've got some ideas and I'm starting to put pen to paper. I just love writing so thought why not? Even if its just for me.  I can't believe its only just occurred to me to write a book! Lots of people have given me words of encouragement so I may as well give it a go and I can do it whilst lying down! Bonus!  I like lying down I do.

Right, I had better get on with the next best seller then hadn't I? I might even post the first chapter here and get some feedback from y'all. We'll see... I'm a bit fickle so this might not even happen at all, don't hold your breath!

Old Albie must have bought the chili chocolate sausages...

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