28 Oct 2013

Feeling better

Monday 28 October

I'm pleased to inform you all that I'm feeling A LOT better today.  I increased my steroid dose and it has most definitely worked.  Thanks steroids!

Big  thumbs up!

Now that I'm feeling better I finally get to tackle my huge pile of ironing - I can't believe I've still got all the holiday ironing to do! Arrrrgh! I could just put all the summer bits away but the thought of un-ironed clothes in my wardrobe makes me feel very uncomfortable - SAD I know.

Mum, Dad, Sami and I are going to a potential wedding venue tomorrow evening to meet with the wedding coordinator to discuss prices etc then on Saturday we are going to view a potential ceremony venue, so by this weekend we could have a date for  the wedding! I'll talk more about that in my wedding blog: www.samiandfayeswedding.blogspot.co.uk.

The strong winds woke me up this morning but I didn't mind, I just laid there with Sami feeling lucky to be snuggled up. I love a good storm! I do not, however, love the disruption they cause.  I was due to meet with a fellow Lupie today as she has an appointment at the Lupus unit up in London which isn't far from my house (20 mins by train) but with this weather I've decided to stay put.  I don't fancy being trapped in London and waiting 4 hours for a delayed train.

God, I do not miss commuting to London.  When I do decide to go back to work I am definitely going to look for a local job.  Commuting is a nightmare! People are so annoying, eating apples loudly or trying to read your newspaper - feck off! Or when people sneeze and wipe their hand on the pole - thanks! I'm just about to pick up your germs you Jerk.

Yes, a local job it is!

Hmm I think I may have to dedicate a post to commuting and idiot commuters....

After 4 months off, I do really want to go back to work but Sami (rightly) said he doesn't think I'm ready yet. Especially as I've just had the worst flare up I've had all year but I hate not working.  Well I don't hate it as it's great when I'm ill because I don't have that worry about trying to get in, but when I'm well I do get bored. Money wise I'm not doing too badly as I get DLA (Disability Living Allowance) which is great but it feels weird not to 'earn' my money as before becoming unwell, I worked full time from the age of 17.  I think I'll just have to accept that I can't work at the moment and hopefully I'll be well enough to get a job in the new year.  It's not like I'm some bum who doesn't even want to work.

Right, I'm going to have a cuppa, get some housework done then I'm going to relax and catch up with this weekends TV (X-Factor, TOWIE and Homeland) good times!

I hope you all have a good Monday xx

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