27 Oct 2013

Lupus is a thief!

Sunday 27 October 2013

Thanks to Lupus I've spent a week in bed either sleeping or crying.  Ok well I haven't cried everyday, I've had a couple of days where despite the pain I've remained positive but after a week of it, I've had enough.  I really have.  I'm 28 and live the life of someone who is 98!  I even look like a 98 year old when I have to walk around with a walking stick. Lupus is robbing me of my life.

I just said to Sami, "That's it! I'm putting my head in the oven" to which he replied, "Erm Ok, good luck with that." The reason being because it's an electric oven.  I didn't really mean it and he knew that but it's indicative of how desperate I've started to feel.  Pain does some funny things to your thought patterns.

Sami just made me breakfast and afterwards I'm going to take some Tramadol (very strong painkillers) and get back into my bed. Welcome to my life.

Hopefully I'll feel a little less negative later.  I think a onesie would make me feel better - I just found this one:

It's a pug onesie and I need this in my life.

On a separate note I really dislike the word 'banter' why does everyone say it so much lately? It's really irritating.  So is the word Lush.  Actually, here is a list of words I hate:

  • Banter
  • Epic
  • Lush
  • Random
Here are a few other things I find really irritating:

  • When people write 'On Route'  it's 'En Route' you eejit.  Its French you see.
  • There, Their and They're - learn them and get them right.  It's not rocket science.
  • You, You're and your - learn them and get them right.
  • Using the word don't when it doesn't make sense.  Or should I say when it don't make sense.  Don't is short for do not.  Think about that and don't use it incorrectly!!!
Those are just a FEW! I could write a whole page but I think I ought to be careful here as I'm sure I've made all of the above mistakes at some point.

I think I need some kind of grammar anger management lessons as I have been known to shout at Facebook when people make the above mistakes and/or use the above words.  It's completely irrational but I can't help it.

Well now I've wound myself up I'm going back to bed.

Thanks for tuning in xx

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