25 Oct 2013

The Gimp Stick

I'm still in pain. Blah blah fecking blah. Everyone must be bored of reading about my pain by now. Everyday this week its been the same old babble. Pain, poor me, life is so terrible etc. 

Nothing has changed today apart from the fact I now walk with a stick. And not because I'm a pimp. Its because I'm a gimp. My gimp stick. A gimp with a limp. 

I was out with my Mum looking at a potential wedding venue when the pain I woke up with in my hip got a lot worse and I could hardly walk. We happened to limp passed a pharmacy with sticks in the window so we went in and got a fold up one. It really helps but I feel like a twat - a 28 year old with a fold up walking stick?  Have you ever seen the likes of it? 

When we got home I decided to drink wine and I'm pleased to say it helped with the pain nicely. Lupus is possibly turning me into an alcoholic. 

If you've followed my blog this week you'll know I've been suffering with pain in my arm.  Well that's gone now and relocated itself in my hip and what I have been describing as my 'bum joint' y'know the little boney bit above your bum? Yeah that bit. I should find out the proper name...

Its mad when you think about lupus causing joint pain you think of things like knees, elbows and hands but there are soooo many joints in our bodies. I get terrible jaw pain sometimes which I'd never really thought of as a joint before. The 'bum joint' pain is quite a new one though. Sitting isn't very comfortable, walking is difficult but lying down with my hot water bottle is great. That's what I'm doing right now and I'm loving it. Ahhhh comfort at last!

I have now created a separate blog for all things wedding - I'm going to document the planning process from now right up to the big day itself in the hope that I can provide advice and inspiration for other brides to be. I also want to turn it into a book to give to my daughter (if I have one) one day. I just thought it would be a lovely little keepsake. 

The other reason for it is so I don't bore readers of this blog with wedding stuff. At least with the wedding blog people are making the conscious decision to read about my wedding. So there you have it that's what I've been up to; limping with a stick and writing about weddings. 

I'm going to have a cup of tea now and continue to lie down as I need to get some rest before this evening.  I'm off out to Sil's (my bestie) sister Rosanna's for dinner. We're having a girly night in to discuss Sil's wedding in May and hen do's etc as Rosanna, Mariella (Sil's other sis) and I are bridesmaids. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't seen Sil's sisters in ages. I'm going to drink wine and be happy. 

See ya later 
Thanks for tuning in! Xx

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