23 Oct 2013

Where's the bride to be?

Wednesday 23 October

Day four of intense and relentless pain. I'm annoyed because I want to go and look at a potential wedding venue with my Mum but I haven't been able to. 

I can handle the pain, its the exhaustion I can't take. I could barely get up to get a drink yesterday. I'm going to try to stay hydrated today. I haven't really eaten since sunday as its all a bit too much effort. I usually have a huge appetite but I think the pain has suppressed it.  Jesus! I'm even finding it exhausting writing this.  

That was earlier today - I had a little nap and I'm feeling loads better only problem is I've noticed my hair is starting to fall out (a common symptom of lupus flares) great! Its not too bad at the moment, like its not coming out in clumps but there was quite a lot on my pillow and I just noticed a little pile on my leg. I looked and thought 'what the feck! My leg is haaaiiiry!' It wasn't my leg though it was from my head. I'm not sure which is worse!

I'm hoping this flare stops soon and not too much hair comes out. I'm trying to organise an engagement party at the moment and I don't fancy attending it bald. People will be like 'Hey Sami where's your bride to be?' and he'll be like (after seeing the back of my bald head walk passed him) 'Errrrm, I'm not sure, maybe she's not here yet'.

Ah well, nothing I can do about it at the moment so will just have to hide under the covers away from the world. 

I was just lying in bed bored so thought I'd jazz up my blog a bit - what do you think? Looks a bit fresher now and is a bit more 'me'.  I've re-arranged the layout too so you can read four of my most recent posts on the same page then you can click 'older posts' at the end to read more.

Anyway, I'm going to attempt to do some ironing now whilst I'm feeling OK. I've got a massive pile to do but I'll just try and do half. I usually do it while watching come dine with me to make it more fun. 

Ok well - well I'll catch y'all later.

Thanks for tuning in! Xx

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