30 Oct 2013

11 things we all do but don't like to admit...

We all have our 'secret behaviours' things we do but don't like to admit...Here are some of mine for your amusement.  Sssshh! Don't tell anyone.....

1. I walk past the fridge and suddenly that lump of cheese in there seems very appealing. So I eat it.  Not the whole lot (ok, maybe sometimes) just take a lump out of it and eat it on its own. Mmmmm cheeeese...

2. I've finished my bowl of cereal but there's some milk left so I tip it upside down, put into my face and drink the rest complete with little bits of cereal.  You can't waste it can you? One day I will discover exactly the right amount to put in.

3. I wake up, go to the bathroom and look at my face (usually with disdain) to see a HUGE spot on my chin.  I have to squeeze it.  It's awesome.  I know, I know it's disgusting but the satisfaction is second to none.

4. If Sami's not here for dinner sometimes I don't cook, I just have dessert.  Or I order pizza and eat it straight from the box.  Yeah that's how I roll. No washing up needed.

5. I watch engagement/wedding videos on youtube and cry my eyes out.  I also watch far too many cute dog videos.  I don't even own a dog. WTF is up with that?

6. Talking of Youtube I quite often watch exercise videos with the full intention of participating only to sit there eating my crisps with humous staring at the woman on the screen.  That bitch c-razy.

7.I have, in the past, listened to songs on repeat so I can memorize the rap and look cool at a party (21 seconds by So Solid Crew and many Eminem numbers to name but a few) -  you know you've done it too.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7VhofoV3qs - Yep I know allll the words...

8. I Google song lyrics all the time because I have NO IDEA what they are saying but I must know! One song I sang incorrectly for years was  The Bad Touch by The Blood Hound Gang.  I sang this:
"You and me baby aint nothing but mimosa so lets do it like they do it on the discovery channel"
MIMOSA? That doesn't even make sense!!!

Here's a link to the song

9. Dancing on my own in front of the mirror to see what I look like.

10. Facebook stalking. Your boyfriend's Ex, your colleague's other half (you wanna see what they look like) no one is out of bounds! Oh and ooops you've clicked on a friend of a friend and oooh whats this? The Wedding Album of James and Mary from 2006....Why am I looking at this? Who are these people? Oooh look at their wedding cake...

11. I'm running late to meet a friend and can't  find my jeans.  Where the feck are my jeans??!! Oh they're in the laundry basket...dirty...with a splodge on them from last night's pizza (eaten straight from the box) oh they'll do and before I know it, I'm out on the town in jeans from the laundry basket.  Don't lie and say you've NEVER been there.

Right dinner time...Ben and Jerry's it is then!