25 Mar 2014

Eat, Drink and see Kylie

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Hiya everyone - it's me with my weekly waffle.  I'm supposed to be doing the ironing but I'm procrastinating and decided it was time to blog.  The ironing is looking at me - I can hear the shirts saying 'help me, I'm creased up' I'm ignoring them though.  Stupid creased up shirts.

I've not been too bad since I last wrote.  Well I had a very bad day on Friday and spent about 90% of it asleep.  I woke up and just couldn't physically stay awake so I gave in and got into bed where I stayed all day.  Sami woke me up for dinner, I eat it and went back to bed.  The fatigue hit me like a bus.  I went to work on Wednesday and perhaps I over did it because I was knackered on Thursday too but Friday was the worst.  I had all the usual Lupus/Fibro symptoms - the pains, my fingers were inflamed and swollen, my tummy was upset and the fatigue was immense.  However, I woke up Saturday and was absolutely fine - I was bouncing around!

Mum and I went along to the wedding venue on Saturday afternoon.  There was a wedding so the staff said we could come along and take a look at the room before the bride gets there to see how it looks when it's all done up.  I'm pleased to say it looked lovely and I was very happy.  We had lunch and waited for the bride to arrive (we wanted to see what she looked like) and then I went and met my friend Amy.  We went out to a local pub where they had a live band and then ended up in a shitty nightclub.  We had a good time though.

I'm going back to the wedding venue again later for the menu tasting.  Sami, my Mum and Dad and his Mum and husband are all coming - we get to try 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 puddings plus wine for free! I'm very excited and seriously hoping it's good because if it's not I will not be happy!!  Not good for my waist line though! I'm gonna go for a long walk in a minute to cancel out all the food I will be scoffing later.

It didn't take me long to start banging on about the wedding did it? Haha I'll stop now.  Oh one more thing - I'm going to order my shoes today.  I'm not telling you what they look like but lets just say they are amazing. I love shoes so much.  I actually asked Sami if we could turn the kitchen into a shoe room.  He said 'But where will you cook?' To which I replied, 'I won't eat and you can live off takeaways. Simple.'

I would actually do that.  Who needs food when you have a whole room of shoes?  God, Sami get your priorities right! Hahha.

OHMYGOD how could I fail to mention that on Friday when I was in pain, depressed and considering asking a doctor to amputate my head, Sami came home with a huge Easter egg, a bottle of wine and get this, he bought me tickets to see Kylie in September! That cheered me up!  I was feeling so down all day because I was so exhausted and in A LOT of pain but when Sami came home, life didn't seem so bad. I've got Sami who is amazing and not only is he amazing but he always treats me and never fails to cheer me up so I managed to crawl out of my black hole and remind myself how bloody lucky I am.

I've loved Kylie for a long time - as long as I can remember and boy does she put on a good show so I'm super excited.  Sami even managed to get standing tickets so we will be near the front. Ahhhhh! Excitement overload! He's taken me to see her twice before so I know how good her shows are.  Is it a bit uncool to like Kylie? Ah well I don't care! I'm being slightly cooler in June when I'm going to see Snoop Dog or Lion or whatever he's called these days.  He's on at the Brixton Academy which is my fave music venue. I love him even more now than I did before because he does a lot for Lupus charities as his daughter was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago.

My brother is a huge hip hop fan and growing up I remember always hearing snoop, Tupac, Biggie, Bone Thugz, Cypress Hill etc so to see Snoop live will be weird! He is like a childhood memory.  Sil and I consider 'Drop it like it's hot' to be our song and are going to dance to it at her wedding in May.  Ahhh got so many exciting things to look forward to.

So there you have it, it's been a bit up and down this week but overall I've realised life isn't bad.  Just got to deal with the rough days by eating chocolate and drinking wine!

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  1. I'm glad things are going okay for you. It is wonderful that you have someone who understands your illness and takes care of you.