21 May 2014

Little catch up

Wednesday 21 May

Shit, is it only Wednesday?!  I've been thinking it's Thursday all day! I want Saturday to hurry up because my best friend in the whole wide world is getting MARRIED! Shit the bed! It's THIS Saturday! Oh my Jaysus!!! This is just too much excitement to contain in my little self!

I've just written my Maid of Honour speech - I hope I can get the words out on the day - everyone will just think who the feck is that blubbering wreck up there?? All they'll be able to hear is me going 'my beessssttttt friiiieeeennnnddddd waaahhhhhh!'  Wish me luck, peeps.  Seriously, I need it.

She asked me to do a speech one evening (after our usual 3 bottles of wine) and in my drunken state, of course I said yes but in my sober state I thought 'feck! I've actually got to stand up in front of 70 people and say emotional stuff.'  Too late now, I've gotta do it.  It'll be fine, I hope.

You'd think I wouldn't want to write anything else after sitting here typing through blurry, teary eyes but once I start I don't want to stop. I've got that writing bug!  I need to learn how to write properly and perhaps I can turn my desire into something I get paid for, now that would be nice! And then I can get a pug and work from home.

So what else is occurring in my life? Well apart from my best friend getting married on Saturday (have I mentioned that?) not much else.  I've been up and down with the ol' Lupus, you know the usual - bad pains, tiredness, brain fog (I put the butter in the cupboard the other day) and generally feeling sorry for myself, which is annoying after a good spell and frustrating when you can't exercise and need to get into a bridesmaid dress but hey ho life goes on as they say.  I've just been chilling when possible this week in order to be well for Saturday.  Sil and I picked up her wedding dress on Monday, I picked up the bridesmaid dresses on Tuesday, had my hair hi-lighted today and Sil and I are having our nails done tomorrow then on Friday I'll have a lie in and head over to the wedding venue with Sil - we're staying over so we're there to get ready in the morning and then after the wedding I'll probably need a week to recover - no joke.

It's Sami's birthday next weekend but we haven't planned anything yet. Well, we're having dinner with both our parents as a pre-wedding get together and the only date everyone is available is Sami's birthday so that's what we're doing but I'll arrange some kind of get together with friends maybe on the Friday or maybe the weekend after, we'll see.  I now have to arrange stuff around the World Cup as planning something when a game is on is a no-no.  Men and football! I'll never get it but I'll try and do the right thing.  Talking of football, I'm glad Arsenal won the other day - Sami's an Arsenal fan and if they lost I would have packed my bags and gone and lived with my parents for a week or so.  Eff staying here! Haha well luckily they won and it was all good.  We went out after the game and ended up getting home at about 3am - needless to say we were pretty hungover the next day.   We got over our hangovers and went to a really nice restaurant called Sushi Samba in the Heron Tower.  We went with Sami's mum and her husband Chris which was nice, although I didn't like going up 40 floors in the glass lift. No thanks! Coming down was worse than going up - I think I may have shouted 'Muummmyyy' on the way down.  What a loser. Food was good though, I recommend it if you live in London or next time your in town.

I've been quite busy actually! Will defo have a chilled week next week and on that note I'm gonna go to bed now - my eyes are starting to close involuntarily.

I'll do a post after the wedding with pics and everything.

See you soon!!

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