17 Nov 2014

Crazy Dog/Goat Lady

Monday 16th November 2014 – is that the correct date? I have no idea. I'll check it in a min. S'what happens when you don't work and spend a lot of your time asleep – all the days blend into one.

It's not been long since my last blog but I was just in the mood to write so thought I would anyway. 

I've had a good weekend – well Friday and Saturday were good but Sunday was spent vomiting – totally self inflicted so no sympathy needed (just wanted). 

Sami and I had a date night on Friday and watched The Hunger Games after I cooked us a nice meal and we had microwave popcorn which was great! On Saturday we had friends over for a dinner party and somehow ended up very, very drunk. We were playing Cards Against Humanity and then I don't remember much afterwards. Whoops! I love Cards Against Humanity – if you have a very dark sense of humour you will LOVE it and if not, don't go near it. So yeah, I woke up on Sunday with a mouth drier than camel's fanny and promptly had to be sick. Disgusting. I have not been that hung over for a very long time. Bad times, bad, bad times. Sami was not impressed. Apparently puking your guts up all day isn't how a nice wife should behave.

Thankfully I'm much better today and have spent the day going through our wedding pictures, updating my CV and doing shitey housework. Isn't it exciting?! I shouldn't really blog about that because it's not even remotely interesting but hey, this is a blog about my life. Sami just told me I don't need to iron his boxers or the bed sheets....is that a bit much? It is isn't it? Oh well, it keeps me quiet. 

Illness wise I'm not too bad apart from a very stiff neck – I woke up in AGONY. Basically I was having a bad dream and in the dream I got angry and must have moved too quickly and my neck did some weird thing and it felt like something snapped and this weird sensation went from my neck right up my head to my eye. It's happened before the one time I tried to do sit-ups. It's the scariest thing, I'd put in a parr with middle of the night leg cramp. Why does that shit always happen at 4am? Anyway, I woke up crying and Sami was just like 'What now?!' I told him I was dying from a broken neck and he just told me to go back to sleep and then the alarm went off like 20 seconds later! So yeah, I've not been able to turn my head much today. I've also been ultra clumsy lately. In the last week I've broken 2 wine glasses, a mug and I've spilt so much over the kitchen floor such as bbq sauce, beans, rice, you know all the things that are ultra annoying to clean up. So I'm not sure what that's all about.  I'll mention it to my doctor next time I see him. Do any of my friends with Fibro/Lupus ever get this? I'd love to know if it's related.

I'm typing this whilst watching I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here – this has got to be the funniest thing on TV ever! Ant and Dec crack me up! Oh em geee I'm in stitches!

Anyway what was I banging on about? Oh yeah, I was about to say how happy I am with the wedding pictures – it's so lovely to look back because to be honest the whole day is a bit of a blur. You're so nervous and excited and overwhelmed it's hard to take it all in properly. I have no recollection of walking down the aisle – it's so bizarre how I've somehow blanked it out so it was great to look at the photos. I can't wait to show them to everyone. Sami's Mum said I was the happiest bride she'd ever seen! Hahaha! I was ridiculously happy. Sami is literally the best human being ever and I got to marry him! I'd been waiting (not so patiently) for him to ask me to marry him for a long time, and as with everything Sami does, he took his sweet ass time! He is so laid back its crazy. I've never known such a laid back person. So after 7 wonderful years together we finally got married and I loved it. I said I wouldn't go on about the wedding didn't I? Sorry, I can't help it.

Here's a few pics for you....

Special moment with my Dad:

The moment I got to Sami...
This one was taken outside the office where we met:

My lovely parents in their garden - I love this Russian Ivy in the background!
We have around 400 pics but I will leave it there and do a post just for wedding pics once we have shown them all to our parents.
Omg it's Christmas soon! I LOVE Christmas! Everyone says things like it's time to appreciate your family and it's not about gifts, it's about getting together etc etc. NO. Sorry but for me, its blatantly about the presents! LOTS OF PRESENTS! PRESENTS EVERYWHERE!!! I mean of course I enjoy spending time with the family and all that but seriously, it is about presents. I get so excited my Mum still has to give me a gift on Christmas Eve. I just can't cope otherwise. When I was little I used to get sick all of Christmas Day because I was so excited. One year I even found all my presents, opened them and wrapped them back up again. Its not normal - at 29 years of age I should be able to cope but I still can't. I struggle to sleep on Christmas Eve. What the hell am I going to be like if Sami and I have kids? Oh Jaysus. It will be a whole new level of excitement/craziness.

This year for Christmas I'd like a pug. I ask for a pug every year and I never get one. I might sound like a dick by saying this but I usually get what I want except a pug. Sami says it's because we live in a small flat and it wouldn't be fair when we don't have a garden and all these other sensible things and I'm just like 'I want a pug, I don't care where we live, I want a pug!' I'm not the sensible one. Thank God I have Sami otherwise I'd have 2 pugs, a goat, one of those poorly donkeys on the charity adverts, a cat with three legs and every dog you see on the Battersea Dog's Home adverts. I seriously would, I'm not even exaggerating. I'd be the crazy dog/goat lady. For some reason when I wrote that I imagined myself in a smelly jumper with holes and manky leggings – why have I suddenly got manky?

Look at him....

My new jumper...

Right well,  that's enough from me. I'm off to bed. Na-nights xxx

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