14 Nov 2014

Return of the Bridezilla


It's me, I'm back! I've returned from wedding oblivion – you know that place brides go to be mental and not care about anyone or anything else whatsoever? Well, I made it out alive. Just.

I aint gonna deny it – I was one seriously mental bride. Well not a mental bride, but I was off my rocker for around 6 months beforehand. The wedding took over my life, it's all I thought about, talked about and dreamt about. So for all those I see a lot, I apologise. It's over now and I hope you still love me.  Poor Sami. Poor, poor Sami. I'm so surprised he was there at the end of aisle and not half way around the world screaming 'I'm freeeeee!'

Wow, all that craziness for one day. But what a day it was! I won't go on about it because less face it, other people's weddings are boring but it was lovely and a lovely experience. I loved it all and I'm so happy to be Mrs Ceyhan (pronounced Jeyhan, yep, you read that correctly a 'C' pronounced as a 'J') Some people say it's no different and technically it isn't – you're still the same annoying people but it just feels more solid now and to share the same surname makes it feel like you're even more of a team. I dunno how to explain it but basically I'm loving this marriage stuff. On honeymoon Sami and I kept saying to each other 'Dunno what everyone moans about, this marriage lark is great!' Lol! But we were on a beach in Mauritius and had only been married 5 minutes.

Right, I promise I won't go on about weddings any more, if I go on too much you have permission to punch me in my eye.

So apart from honeymooning, I haven't been up to much. We are thinking of selling the flat to buy somewhere bigger and we had an estate agent round today but nothing is actually happening just yet, we are trying to figure out our options first but it's all very exciting! It's weird – I don't feel grown up enough to be doing all these things like getting married and selling property! Selling and buying a new house is what you do in Monopoly, not in real actual life. It's madness I tell you! Madness!

Lupus wise its all the same old, same old - one day good, 4 days bad etc etc. I thank the Lord I was well on the wedding day as I had been pretty awful the few weeks before but I think it was all stress related. I've not been too bad since though, I'd say I'm better than usual but I think it's because I'm still on a high from the wedding and our honeymoon. I don't have post wedding blues or anything like that I'm just wandering around in my pink and fluffy bubble of happiness with the song 'happy' on repeat. Lol.

I have been quite bored with no wedding/honeymoon to plan though. What the frick did I do beforehand??? I really want to get a part time job but it's hard because when I feel well I'm all like ,'Yeeeeah, I can get a part-time job, it will be fine!' Then I get ill and I'm like 'What was I thinking? I can't be getting no part time job! You is crazy girlfriend!' haha. So I dunno, if I do it would only be local and maybe a couple of 4hr shifts or something. Sami reckons I just need to up my 'wife game' and start baking. I love cooking but I've never really been into baking – I'm scared I'd get too into it and we'd both end up morbidly obese. I often take things to the extreme – I'm not the kind of person to do things half heartedly, it's all or nothing! So I might have to leave the baking thing. Hmm, maybe I could just make my own bread or something? Sami would come home and there would be bread everywhere! Nope, I'll just stick with my normal cooking. 

I made a lasagne last night big enough for a family of 6, we eat half of it between us and then I wonder why I've gained weight since the wedding. Speaking of which, Sami being the wonderful man he is made it quite clear I'm not allowed to get fat or 'let myself go' now that we are married. I grassed him up to my Dad hoping he would say Sami is out of order or something along those lines but he said, 'Well, I think Sami should make you try on your wedding dress every year to be sure it still fits.' Cheeky bastards! They said they were joking but I think they kind of meant it. I told Sami he has to try his suit on every year as well and he just replied with 'At least I will get better with age, you'll just deteriorate.' Nice! 
Men do though don't they? With their distinguished grey hair and more mature outlook on life . What happens to women? We grow beards and tits down to our ankles. I'm gonna start saving for surgery now.

Anyway, not sure what else there is to tell you really, I could waffle on about our wedding and honeymoon but I'm sure that's not that interesting to you so I'll spare you the boredom. Other than that nowt much else exciting is going on.

After reading loads of negative stuff lately I decided I was gonna do a post about all the best feelings in the world such as fresh bed sheets, etc but I fell asleep (damn fatigue) so I'll probably do it another day. Aahhh! It's good to be back! I've missed blogging and waffling on about my life! I'm still surprised people actually read this shite.

Right, that's it from me, have a good weekend my lovelies and I shall be back soon.