6 May 2015

Feckin Sods Law

Wednesday 6th May 2015

Hey peeps,

Here I am, I'm back again (to the tune of Backstreet Boys) what kind of name is Backstreet Boys? Seriously? It's literally only just occurred to me what a shite name for a boy band that is! Maybe they should've been called Backdoor Boys. Lolllll. Sorry that was silly. My bad.

Anyway I felt compelled to blog as my last post (precisely 2 weeks ago) was me talking about how well I'd been and sods law, after quite some time, I am now in a horrid flare up.  Lupus is evil I tell you.

So since my last post (you can read it below this one if you haven't already) I've been to Dublin and back with Sami and my parents.  We went to see my Uncle James who was being ordained as a priest.  It was amazing - the whole parish turned up and there were lots of priests from all over the world and the archbishop of Southwark came to do the ceremony.  It was a really lovely experience and I felt so proud of my uncle.  It was great to catch up with all my Irish family as well - I don't see them enough! We also managed to fit some touristy things in whilst were we there like a visit to The Guinness Factory and we hit up a few of the pubs.

We got back last Wednesday and after all the travelling etc I was pretty tired so I just rested for a couple of days then I worked on Saturday morning and went out for my friend Tom's 30th birthday celebrations in the evening and me being me, got totally rat arsed on copious amounts of prosecco. I had a fab time though (apart from falling over on a piano) and then on Sunday we went to his parents house for a surprise BBQ. However on the way there Sami's car broke down so we had to abandon it and wait for my Dad to come and rescue us. We were an hour late and totally ruined the surprise! Whoops! Anyway we had a lovely chilled evening but on Monday I woke up a right mess.  I went to bed totally fine but woke up in a pool of sweat - my t-shirt was drenched! I haven't had night sweats that bad for months so it felt so odd and I forgot how bad it was! It's awful because you wake up shivering from the cold sweat and you just feel so disgusting.  I had to get up, have a wash, change my tshirt and the pillowcase then I went back to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later in the same state. I was due at work at 11am but I felt exhausted and my whole body was hurting so bad, I could barely get out of bed so I had to phone in sick.  I was so upset as it was the first time since working at Waitrose that I've had to call in sick.

It's Just so weird that you can be fine one day and totally immobile the next.  I had quite a lot to drink on Saturday night but I was fine Sunday and I've been in remission for 6 months and had quite a few nights out during that time and never felt like this so I don't really know what's triggered it. All I can think is that it's because I've been so busy and my body is just like 'Nah bruv, you need to chill.'

I really don't know but I've been in bed since Monday and I am so freaking bored.  BOOORRREEEDDD!! Well, I did manage to go to my friends house to watch a film yesterday (The Imitation Game - good film by the way) but Sami drove us there and home again so minimal effort was required (its less than a ten minute walk away lol)  Other than those 3 hours out of the house I've been bed bound.  I've hardly eaten because it's just too much effort to get out of bed and even chewing is an effort.  Seriously that's how exhausted I feel.

So the moral of the story is, don't blog about being well because the minute you do, sods law will come and get you!

It's Sami's 30th at the end of May and I've finally decided what I'm doing for him - I can't reveal it here because I want it to be a surprise but I think he will think I am the best wife in the whole world when he finds out! Hehehe I can't wait to tell you all.

I just hope I'm well for it - I never know how long these shitey flare ups are going to last.  The longest one I ever had was about 4 months. FOUR MONTHS. Can you imagine? I think that's when I started this blog because I was in bed alllll the time and so bored and so sad and I needed an escape. Anyway lets not get all depressing but yeah four fucking months.  I don't think this flare is of epic proportions like that one though as I'm feeling a little better today so hopefully it's on its way out.

Anyway I don't have much else to report and my hands are hurting now (yep even typing hurts) so I'm gonna go to sleep.

Good night and thanks for reading xxx

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