22 Mar 2013

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus!

Friday 22 March 

So I’m a wee bit hungover today...Hence the idea of the 'How to be hungover' post.  

I went out for dinner with my friend Vicky last night and had quite a few glasses of wine.  I did just have a bacon sarnie so all peace has been restored within my body.  It wasn’t a bad hangover – no ambulance necessary just a little headache.

Sometimes I feel so stupid when I have way too much to drink and I wake up hung over AND in a lupus flare.  It’s horrific but I can’t complain because it is self inflicted after all. 

People have asked me whether alcohol affects Lupus – there is no proof of this and a glass of red wine has actually proven beneficial.  Obviously I wouldn’t recommend going over the recommended daily amount but the answer is no, as far as I’m aware alcohol is not a trigger for Lupus.  I have heard some people say it makes them feel worse but for me, I haven’t noticed any correlation between a flare up and too much to drink.  Although to be fair I probably haven’t ever not drank for long enough to really know.  But on holiday Sami and I drank every evening (and quite a bit) and I was absolutely fine the whole time.  God I wish I was on holiday.  That holiday was lovely….we went to Morocco all inclusive for a week and it was bliss.  All we did was eat and drink…wonderful.

Good times...

Anyway so I had my blood test results – all clear. Thank sweet baby Jesus for that!  I think I would have gone and lain in the road if any more was wrong with me. I mean that in jest, don’t worry you don’t need to put me on suicide watch.

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