26 Mar 2013

The random effects of Lupus

Tuesday 26 March 

I'm at work minding me own business when I noticed my chest felt sore - just like sunburn so I looked down to see that is bright red.  I have no idea why but I'm guessing it is Lupus related...

I took a pic so y'all can see (ignore the broken chain on my top) .

When I took the pic and I noticed I had quite a few pics on my phone of other things that have happened to me as a result of Lupus....

I'm not sure what this rash is but the doctor said it could be tiny blood clots (this is my wrist).  This happened in January, I was feeling very unwell that day (dizzy, sick, hot etc) so this rash was quite alarming.  Sami thought we should go to the hospital but I suggested we wait an hour to see if it went down.  Luckily it did and I'm still alive so I just left it there.

This is my ankle - isn't it delightful?  This was November

This was a shaving incident.  It started off as a tiny little cut, I hardly even felt it.  The next night I was in bed and it was really hurting.  I had a word with myself and told myself not to be so pathetic - how can one tiny little razor cut hurt so much?

I woke up and could barely put any weight on that leg.  I took my sock off and discovered this...

I went to the doctor who said this was cellulitis - basically infected.  He said to keep an eye on how I feel, as this could turn into blood poisoning.  Great.  

Fortunately it didn't and I'm fine but it taught me how serious not having a working immune system can be.  One tiny little cut can turn into this!

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