20 Apr 2013

Drink! Drink!

Friday 19th April 2013

This is my second post of the day but I have to share something - my Dad rang me earlier to tell me he got the all clear! Yey! (For those that are't aware, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2005 and it came back but he has now had the all clear on a few occasions so its fantastic! I feel so happy.

Sami and I had a date night this evening, I put a pretty dress on and he cooked for me.  Check out the steak...

Here's me in my pretty dress (complete with a lupus rash on my chest....so annoying!

D'ya know I find since writing this blog I have to take a pic of everything to add it on - Its just not the same without a pic is it? 

Sami goes mad, 'Put your phone away!' 'Sit down!' 'Oh I don't want my picture taken.'  
Hence why there is no pic of him on here today...
Not like me, I'm all, 'Take a pic of me!!!' 'Take a pic of me doing this...'  Take a pic of me here by the window.' We are complete opposites. On paper it wouldn't work but in real life, somehow it does. 
Anyway we were naughty and had prosecco too (in our special glasses)

A girl I work with suggested a recipe of potatoes, veg and Halloumi to go with our steak so we did it. And we did it good.  It was so good.  I LOVE halloumi. Anything with halloumi is good.

So we had a lovely evening. I really enjoyed being cooked for. Although sami was in the kitchen for well over half an hour and I missed him (yeah I know). He forgot to get me a drink so after ten mins I found myself shouting in to the kitchen,  'Drink!' 'Driiiiink!' And then it dawned on me that I sound like Father Jack from Father Ted. Sami was laughing and saying you really are living up to your Irish stereotype right now. I knew he'd bought prosecco and I wanted it. What can I say? 

I'm full of beans tonight. I had so much energy earlier I didn't quite know what to do with myself so I found myself dancing around the living room. Sami came out of the kitchen, looked at me and walked back into the kitchen. I almost feel like I'm on speed and I need to burn it off! Weird.

Sami's currently fast asleep. Bless him. He's the tired one today. We've had a  complete role reversal. So here I am typing away at 1am like a mad woman. This is so exciting. I'm awake at 1am and I've been awake alll day and I've been to work. Wow. What should I do now? Maybe I could tidy the bathroom? Hoover the ceilings? 

Oh I do need to go and clean my eye... Its all sore and sticky. I think its conjunctivitis - I know a few people who have had it recently and of course I'd catch it. ALWAYS something isn't there. Oh feck,  I hope I don't have pink eye. 

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