21 Apr 2013

Hung to the Over

Oh wow.  Today I have had the hangover from hell! I haven't been hungover like this since way before Christmas.  I've hardly been able to move.  OH DEAR. So silly of me when I've been feeling so good to go and get a hangover! But hey, I don't care because I was well enough to go out and get drunk!

I had no intention of getting drunk.  We went out for a meal for Sami's Mum and Dad's birthday (we went to a Turkish restaurant and it was amazing) the wine was just going down too well.  Then we went back to Sami's Mums for a few more drinks.  I spilled red wine all over her lovely cream carpet...luckily it came out with stain remover and then I don't remember much after that.  I don't even remember coming to bed. Oh well. YOLO and all that.

I was supposed to see my bestie today but had to cancel on her (Sorry Sil) love you.  I feel so bad.  I really did not mean to drink so much.  I really don't know what happened.

So today I am a mess.  It's 9pm and I've only just started to feel human.  I've ordered a pizza and chicken...

I was deliberating whether to get one or not for about half an hour and  then I decided I want it so I'm having it.  So this is the first thing I've eaten today.  Sami's gone to his dad's so I'm home alone.  As my Mum says, 'A little of what you fancy does you good sometimes'.  Why should I deprive myself? That would be like self harm.

So my eye is still really sore....its all gooey and sticky (sorry I know that's gross) not sure what it is.  Gonna go to the docs tomorrow and get some drops or something.  Always something isn't there!?!  Getting a bit annoying now.  I have a good few days with no lupus symptoms and then my eye goes all gammy!

I feel so content after eating that pizza.  Mmmm and a little bit fat. But who cares? Not me! =0)

I think I shall go to bed now.  Probably gonna lay off the drink for a while.  Silly me.  God knows how much I drank.  Ah well, I'm hungover with a gammy eye but at least Lupus isn't being mean to me.  I've had brilliant weekend. xx

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