9 Apr 2013

You can't have the rainbow without a little rain

Obviously, when you have been a healthy person your whole life and one day you are diagnosed with a life-long and shitty illness a lot of things change and you enter a whole new world.  In my case I've entered a world where you appreciate everyday that you're able to get out of bed.  Just now I was really enjoying doing the washing up (I know!) because the hot water felt good on my stiff hands! AND it felt great that I was able to do the washing up.  Yipppeee!

Since entering this weird new world I have found a lot of things to be very strange indeed. For instance I remember being amazed that I have an illness that has a charity.  A charity. People actually jump out of planes and shit to help people with Lupus. Wow.

Another thing that is really weird, is even after two years I still find it difficult to swallow a tablet. 
Its so stupid.  I put it in my mouth and have a little argument with myself, "Go on! swallow it you twonk!" Then I'll go. "I can't! I'm scared!"  I almost have to pluck up the guts to do it.  This is EVERY night with all 12 tablets.  It takes ages.  Sami just looks at me like, "What are you doing you weirdo?"
Do you know he says I'm the weirdest person he knows.  He said I'm weirder than Sheldon off The Big Bang Theory.  That's just rude.  I'm not weird....Am I?

I remember being so sad that I'd never have a natural tan again.  For those that aren't aware, Lupus symptoms can be exacerbated by the sun and people with lupus can become very unwell after UV exposure.  Something to do with the sun making the cells move faster and triggering a lupus flare.  Skin rashes can flare up too.  So its factor 50 and the shade for me nowadays.

I decided to get a spray tan last summer to try and make myself feel better.  I will NEVER ever get one again.  It was so bad that when Sami saw me he actually screamed.

The salon is a good 20 min walk from home and I RAN all the way.  People were staring at me and one little girl said, "Mummy why did that lady paint herself?" I was BLACK.  So not a good look for a white English/Irish girl with fair hair.  I wish I still had the pic to show you but sadly I don't.

Those are just some of the odd things, I'm sure there are many more.

I do actually think I'm a nicer person now. Not that I was a horrible person before but I can certainly empathise more with people who have shit to deal with.  But then on the other hand, I'm a lot less tolerant   of (annoying) people.  Such as people who have no real problems at all that just moan and moan for no reason, I want to punch them.  I just wish I could say 'GO AWAY!'

BUT people who have never really experienced tough times do not understand how lucky they are.  So they don't realise how douchey they sound.

I remember when I used to have my hair done, if it wasn't perfect I would go MENTAL. Like 2 year old tantrum stylie.  Then when I was on the Azathioprine and my hair went really thin and started coming out I said to myself I will never moan about my hair again.  And I haven't.  But it took that for me to realise how stupid I was being.  People that moan about their hair as well. Ohmygod. I understand that they don't realise but still, sort it out will you.

So what I'm trying to say is that you can't have the rainbow without a little rain.  You need the shitty bits in life to make you realise how fortunate you actually are and to appreciate the good things.  Stop and smell the roses people.  They smell goooood!

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