2 May 2013

Mummy's girl

Thursday 2 May 2013

Well it's 9pm and I've been vomiting allll day.  I went into work this morning (feeling ok apart from a stomach ache) and by 9.30am I was throwing up.  A lot.  Sorry for the details but this is my life with lupus - including all the horrible bits.

I only went to work because it was the new lady's first day.  I finished my notice period last Friday but wanted to help out.  Not really sure why I bother though to be honest.  What am I getting out of it? All I'm getting is the feeling people are pissed off that I haven't been able to go in.  Well I can't help it.  And I only offered out of kindness.

Anyway so I left work and walked to my Mums.  I couldn't face getting on a hot and packed bus in the state I was in and I definitely didn't want to get a cab and throw up in it.  I had to go to my Mums because I've been feeling really down lately and didn't really want to be on my own.  Plus who doesn't want their Mum when they feel sick?  I'm 27 and still want my Mummy! Haha!

On the way home I got sick outside a doctor's surgery.  Yep, sick in the street. I love the quote by Coco Chanel, 'Women should be two things - classy and fabulous'  Well I certainly wasn't classy today! I'm still fabulous though (obviously).

So I had diarrhea on Tuesday evening and most of Wednesday and then today I've thrown up all day.  GREAT.  I'm feeling a little better now and had some dinner so hopefully it's over now.

My Mum looked after me in the way only a Mum can.  I think I just needed some sympathy.  I was so down yesterday.  I think I cried about 8 times.  It just all got on top of me and the pain I was in on Tuesday was immense.  Sometimes you just think to yourself how much more can I take?

It's amazing, you really don't know how strong you are until its the only choice you have.  I would never have thought I could cope with all this.  But I have.  And i will continue to do so.

Right I'm gonna go and watch my Sex and the City boxset with a blanket and some tea.

Have a good evening everyone xxxx

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