1 May 2013

Pale and Interesting

Tuesday evening - 

Ok so I left work early, came home and since I've got in I've pretty much sat on the sofa wailing like a banshee. A crazy banshee at that. I'm really surprised I haven't had a knock on the door from the RSPCA looking for a distressed animal. I am in so much pain. This is ridiculous. I keep feeling dizzy too and I'm exhausted. 

I am currently contemplating downing either a bottle of wine, a bottle of baileys or a bottle of bleach.  The bleach is the most appealing right now but I've just spoken to my mum and she has advised against the bleach. She advised the wine. I said, 'But mum its only 4pm' She said well in these circumstances its OK. I decided to wait till 6pm. Seems a bit more acceptable somehow. The wine worked. It relaxed my muscles and helped a lot. I'm still in pain but no where near as bad. I'd prefer a glass of vino over pain killers any day (does that sound Irish?) I don't like pain killers. 

Sami came home from work with flowers...he is the best. So thoughtful. 

He cooked dinner too. We had steak with potatoes and veg and I now have a dodgy tummy. I've had to run to the loo about 4 times in the space of an hour and I doubt it was Sami's cooking. Like I said before, my body hates me. It is a case of,  'Which way can we destroy Faye today?' and today it was extreme pain and exhaustion followed by a bout of diarrhea for good measure. I mean why not?  

I'm now in bed (after Sami ran me a bath) God he's almost too good to be true isn't he?  I've decided I'm not going to work tomorrow I'm going to rest. We'll see if it makes a difference.....

Wednesday afternoon

Hiii! So I've had a nice long lay in and I'm feeling good.  No pain or anything.  My eye is a bit sore again and I have a little cyst in the corner and I've still got a dodgy tummy but apart from that I'm feeling good.
Sounds quite bad doesn't it that I've got a sore eye and dodgy stomach but I'd still describe myself as feeling good! Well in comparison to yesterday I feel amazing!!

This definitely goes to show I'm making the right decision in giving up work.

I used to keep a diary of my symptoms - I'd literally just put a few words like:
Joint Pain

and one day I went back over it all (about 6months worth) and it made me cry because there was something EVERYDAY.  Not one day was it blank.  I stopped doing it after that.

It's my friend Tom's birthday on Saturday and we're meant to be going out in Soho (I love Soho) so I'm hoping I can go....I just bought a new dress - a pretty white one.  Then I realised white was probably not the best option as I'm really pale at the moment.  And blotchy - I look like corned beef with a face. 

Is it corned beef? Is it Faye?

I need to go and get a spray tan but I had one before and it looked awful....it was actually quite horrific.  So I'm not sure what to do.  Can't go on a sunbed because that will cause a flare up, so I'm not sure, maybe I'll just rock the dress and be like 'Yeah I'm pale, so what!'


  1. Oh God, girl. You crack me up. Corned beef with a face....lmao! Girl, I say rock the pale and maybe brush on some bronzer on your face, neck, shoulders and arms. It works for me.

  2. Thanks Joy!! xxxx lots lots of love