5 May 2013


Saturday 4th May 2013

Ok lets get this bit out of the way 'May the 4th be with you' sorry had to be done.

Ok so I'm just about to go for my party nap in preparation for tonight's antics in Soho...It's my friend Tom's birthday so I was really hoping I'd be up to going.  He'd never miss a bday of mine - although he would understand if I missed it today considering the week I've had.

I woke up this morning feeling OK - just aching a bit but the aches got worse and then I was nearly crying with pain.  I was in bed singing this:

I had a little sleep and Sami ran me a bath and I'm feeling a lot better now.  So I'm gonna go out and enjoy meself.  Love a bit of Soho.  I think I'm actually a gay man.  I love everything camp.  Camp as a row of pink tents me. 

So I shall write the next instalment and post tomorrow....

Sunday 5th May 

OUCH! My head!! Last night was a good night - although I don't remember much to be honest....Whoopsie!  Didn't get many pics either which is a shame.

You can't see my lovely outfit properly in this pic - it's a black playsuit and I had some cool leopard print ankle boots on with it....

I was feeling rough this morning but I'm fine now. I've been in bed all day watching Come Dine With Me and eating chocolate. I decided I deserved it as I've lost a few pounds recently. I used to worry about my weight so much but since having lupus I realised its more important to be healthy. So its not something I spend too much time thinking about anymore. If I want something to eat I eat it because it makes me happy and being happy is a good thing. 

I do think I'm gonna have to go on some kind of detox though. I've had quite a few big nights out recently. My poor liver. I do love you liver. I promise.  Weird as I haven't been out-out in ages and then all of a sudden the whole of May is booked up! Got this fancy-dress thing next weekend which I'm really looking forward to. Its a rugby 7's do at Twickenham stadium and the theme is 'safari' there's about 50 of us going so should be a good laugh.

Then the weekend after that we are going for a meal at a really nice (michelin star) restaurant with Sami's family and then the weekend after that its sami's birthday surprise and then the weekend after that its his actual birthday so not sure how I can fit in a detox around all this!!! I mean I could just not drink. Nah! Feck that! Exciting times. Love having stuff to look forward to. 

So this safari theme,  I'm thinking of going as a bird. I absolutely love birds. I'm a bit of a geek like that - I love looking at them out the window and when I'm old I'm defo gonna be a proper bird watcher with an anorak and everything. I can't wait! 

Anyways so lupus-wise I'm alright today. Just tired and a little hung over. Ah well you only live once and all that or should I say YOLO!

Its bank hols tomorrow so not sure what we are gonna do. I'm thinking of going to see iron man (I've promised Sami we'll see it soon) so that could be the plan. Maybe hit up pizza express as well.  He loves super hero stuff. He reminds me of Leonard off the big bang theory - all geeky and loveable. 

Feels weird having nothing to complain about today...hmmm... nope. Nothing. 
Well I'm gonna go eat some ribs now. Luuurrrrvvve ribs.  Yeah bwoy! 
No beer to go with them though. I'm being a good girl today.

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