22 Jul 2013

Broken Back Mountain

Monday 22 July 2013

I need an MRI scan. Yep. Yes I do. My back is definitely broken. Ok, maybe its not broken as such. But it hurts. It hurts a lot. I'm never doing any form of exercise ever again. Ever.  All I fecking did was a twenty minute workout. It was nothing! My body just hates me. I know it does. I hear it whisper to me, "Faaayyye, I hate yooooou." 

I'm just going to have to be slightly overweight forever, or just starve myself... But I don't do hungry. A hungry Faye is an angry Faye. 

I've had a lovely weekend - Mum and I went shopping on Friday, she bought me loads of bits for my holiday. I was rather spoilt actually but it was all an early birthday present as I'll be away on my birthday, thank you, Mummy. 

In the evening, Sami went to the pub with Graham whilst I stayed in and went to bed (yeah, I'm so fun) I was sooo knackered. I felt sick, achey, my head was pounding. I think I overdid it. Mum and I were out from 11am until 6pm which is a long day for me. 

Saturday, Sami and I chilled all day and went to our friend Tom's house for dinner. His boyfriend Joe cooked for us. He did bruscetta followed by pork belly and it was absolutely delicious!  

Food porn:

We were so stuffed we couldn't even fit in desert! Oh well, it saved me a few unnecessary calories. I am however a tad hungover from all the wine they forced me to drink. Wine rape. 

Not sure what we're doing today. Porbs not a lot. I fear a flare is imminent. Usually before a flare up my brain goes a bit foggy and I'm a lot more tired than usual. Hopefully its just the hot weather making me feel this way but we'll see. At least I don't have to worry about going to work.  

Sami's sister, Ela just sent a text asking if we'd like to go to a pub near their house that has live music on Sunday evenings so we're gonna go and do that. I'll have a hair of the dog! I'm going to go and get ready -I shall update y'all later. X

We arrived at Ela and David's house about 6.30pm and were greeted with champagne (as you do) which we enjoyed in their garden. It was such a wonderful evening - all warm and balmy and perfect for al fresco dining.

After our champers we moved on to the pub for dinner. We had a mezze platter of Turkish delights including halloumi, houmous and stuffed vine leaves which complimented the atmosphere perfectly. This was all washed down with a Sauvignon and the background music of a solo singer and his acoustic guitar. Belissimo! 

For a while we were the only ones outside, it was pretty much like being serenaded. We all agreed we felt like we were on holiday on the continent. But we weren't. Believe it or not, we were in Croydon.  Ela and David are fortunate enough to have this amazing Oasis right on their doorstep. I'd be there every night if I were them. 

We're back at home now, back to reality. Back to the washing that's hanging up asking to be ironed. No serenading here. All I hear now is, ''Iron me, Biyartch! Aint no one else gon' get these dang creases out!!" 

Yep. My washing talks to me. That's what happens when you don't work and you're at home all day. You go mad. 

Tomorrow I shall go out and talk to real people as opposed to a creased t-shirt. This I must do before I end up being sectioned.

Cheers xxx



  1. Keep your head up okay! Give your body a rest then try again except maybe not as much as before of course. Let me tell you my body hates me too. I am 30 pounds overweight and was so determined to start exercising that I went walking and walked two miles. Man I felt great! The next day I woke up with a fever and felt like I was hit by a truck! That was two weeks ago and today I started again with 5 minutes of yoga. Yes...five damn minutes! But I have to start somewhere!

  2. 5 minutes is better than zero minutes! Yep I think I'm going to rest and maybe do what you're doing and start with 5 mins. Xxx