18 Jul 2013

Something to look forward to...

Thursday 18th July 2013

Well. What can I say other than omgwearegoingtothemaldives!!!!!! Yep. Sami and I are going to the mother friggin Maldives baby!!! I'm so excited I cried happy tears. Actual tears of joy. 

Sami and I decided we'd like to go on holiday in September and were considering going with Emrah and Tonya to Malta but it was coming up really expensive so we decided to look at Greece, Spain, Italy etc and again it was really expensive. I then clicked on The Maldives 'by accident' and found an amazing deal - £1200 for 2 weeks and its full board so includes all of our meals! I just thought wow, how can we not go for this? That's £600 for each week - cheaper than everything else I was looking at in Europe. I should have been shot if we passed up this opportunity.  Sami agreed and now we are going. Ahhhh and the best part is ...wait for it....we'll be there for my birthday! My 28th birthday in The Maldives. Amazing.  I think I'm going to pop. 

I can't really think of much else at the moment, I even had a dream about being on the beach. I feel so incredibly lucky to being to The Maldives. There are lots of palm trees so I can wile away the days with a book in the shade. Will be lovely to relax with Sami for 2 weeks. No housework, no cooking, no cleaning just relaxing to the max. Sami has a lot on at work at the moment (he's a surveyor) so will be nice for him to relax and de-stress. And after the last couple of years we've had, we most definitely deserve this.  

Ok back to reality (and moaning) My back is still hurting a lot. Whenever I turned in bed the pain woke me up and made me yelp out loud. God knows what I've done to it! Trust me to hurt my back in the one week I'm feeling well. I'm laughing but its not funny really. Oh well, these things happen. I'm just destined to a life full of pain (insert violin music here) Lol! Fortunately pain is something most people only have to deal with occasionally but for me, its every fecking day! I forget what not being in pain feels like. So if you're someone who doesn't deal with chronic illness and/or pain make sure you count your blessings and don't take it for granted. What I wouldn't give to be healthy. There's not a lot.
Once my back is better I'm going to get back on my gentle exercise routine. I eat healthily but I think I need to reduce my portion sizes and hopefully I'll lose a few pounds. Am eager to get started so need my back to hurry up - I wanna be buff on the beach. 

I hope I don't sound like I'm gloating when I talk about going to the Maldives - I'm just so excited about it. It doesn't seem real, I thought I'd have to sell my body (or my soul) to go  there.  I genuinely didn't think I'd EVER be able to go and now I am. Ahhhhhhhhh!  Sami is fortunate enough to have been before (lucky bastard) but it'll be better this time because he'll be with me! ;0)

Need to find a company that will insure me without breaking the bank. Travel insurance and lupus don't really mix. Hmm.  

I'm watching This Morning and they're talking about people who get annoyed by noises. You know like when someone eats loudly? Or when people rub their feet on the carpet whilst watching telly? Argh drives me nuts! I hate it when people chew loudly. I also hate it when people breathe and their does that whistle thing. Wtf is that even about? I hate it when some people breath full stop! Chewing and nose whistling are my main ones but I also hate tapping. oooooh or when people slurp their tea. Stop it! JUST STOP IT!

Right I'm going to attempt to do a little housework now (got to earn my keep somehow) have a good day everyone. Xx

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